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Global stock market is greeted market prise of the poorest quarter evaporates after 2011 even more 10 trillion

According to England " financial times " report, the United States and global stock market are greeting the worst quarter since 2011 to behave, the ingredient that makes investor panicky includes Chinese economy to add fast put delay, beautiful couplet store (the uncertainty of Fed) policy and more and more pessimistic to company profit.

International Monetary Fund (warning of IMF) Zhou Er says, in the past 10 years to the top of one's bent after loan, the enterprise of the world in development closes down the amount is climbed probably at high speed litre.

The front of global ox city that lasts in recent years faces major challenge, besides a few board piece outside sufferring heavy goods slump in price to be affected directly, rise from July a lot of board piece begin to drop.

500 indexes of standard general Er dropped 8.5% , achieve 2011 since the 3rd quarter the biggest drop. Shoot up before a few board piece, especially some earlier this year the biology technology that moment leads the market and Medical Protection board piece, a few weeks drop significantly recently.

Analyst of senior index of firm of index of mark general Dow Jones is suddenly H


dexierfubulate (Howard Silverblatt) expresses: Present problem depends on, whether did investor already prepare those who face the first since 2011 to drop year and the worst time since the bad time from 2008.

Global stock market also prepares to greet the worst quarter since 2011 to behave, market prise evaporates even more 10 trillion dollar. Rich stylish starts market index this quarter drops more than 21% , for since 2011 the poorest performance, in 21 centuries the rank in the poorest quarter the 5th.

A few evidence with young to hasten of global economy growth investor more and more feel disturbed, begin to oppugn the gain foreground of American enterprise at the same time, system of the oldest economy is preparing the whole world make nearly 10 years will be added for the first time cease.


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