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NASA announces the major discovery that is in spark: Discover evidence of liquid state water (graph)

Log onto the major discovery that registers NASA of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to announce to be in spark: Discover evidence of liquid state water (graph) origin: ?  paralysis?2015-09-29 08:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel [summary] seasonal the result that brae grain line is activity of nowadays spark water, discover strong support this one hypothesis

Time of American the eastpart part 28 days morning 11 when 30 minutes (Beijing time 28 days of evening 11 when 30 minutes of) , bureau of American country aerospace (NASA) hold a press c

onference, announce the great science of a concerned spark discovers: The strong evidence that has activity of liquid state water discovered in Martian surface. The Martian scout orbit that this one discovery comes from bureau of aerospace of country of beautiful United States implement (MRO) , the stripe of finger shape shadow that MRO filmed 2010 has been confirmed to be the liquid state water that goes up by spark is formed. American spaceflight bureau calls his seasonal brae grain line, think this is planted peculiar seasonal landforms is caused by salty current, but did not find direct evidence all the time.

Spark is put in liquid state water

In new research, the Martian face that the Lu Ende of Zun Zhiya technical institute pressed the person such as Aojieha to analyse aircraft of Martian survey orbit to get 4 office spot is seasonal the spectral data of brae grain line, the spectral signal of the content of hydration salt mine that discovers this data and current precipitation are formed is consistent, and the spectral signal that week exclosure appearance does not have salt however. Researcher is publishing at England " natural geoscience " write in the paper of the magazine: "Seasonal the result that brae grain line is activity of nowadays spark water, our discovery is strong support this one hypothesis.


Before this, the water on spark is considered as the form that puts on the ice with solid state to exist all the time, this confirmed what there is liquid state water on spark to guess. It is important to discovered the mankind this to be stridden on the way that knows spark one pace, because if have liquid state water,exist, spark ever may appear life, even still biology survives. On the other hand, when the mankind explores spark, also can decrease carry feed water, vacate more weight locomotive and other goods. NASA puts forward already, to 2030 implementation holds the job of star of person get angry. The mankind is confused to Martian like this, be not mere the past to study spark, provide more help to avoid the earth to weigh skip spark the track of an overturned cart thereby. NASA is discussing the plan of Martian colony all the time, and had offerred the modes of life and relation to their environment that a lot of plan will come to to change spark make its become the 2nd world. If can cut verity collect this really,arrive the evidence of liquid state water, prove spark suits the mankind to live likely even, that is the milepost on human history really like incident.


Forecast about a few kinds of gods of spark

In NASA keep others guessing these days in, netizen already scamper opened boiler, all sorts of about spark guess emerge in endlessly. It is below except liquid state water, the netizen sums up about spark a few forecast greatly:

NASA announces to discover life in Martian surface

In fact, this year in January, in the message calls car of curious size spark the deposit cliff in Martian surface, discovered microbial the special construction that form, old microbial mark has similar place on this and earth. In other words, a certain period that spark goes may have existed life, what although these life are only probably,just can see below microscope is microbial. These are to be in what spark discovers on an old lake bed. If biology fossil discovers in Martian surface, or the gas that is biology sex origin, prove spark still has life activity, no matter which will cause tremendous sensation.

Spark discovers many metal resource probably

According to speculation, martian center has a nucleus that is main component with iron, contain the small element such as sulfur, magnesium. Also research shows, a certain quantity of water exists on spark, the existence that the clearest evidence is Martian pole coronal reachs his to change. Exploration result makes clear: Extremely Shui Bing exists not only in the coronal, and be mingled with is worn the dry ice that carbon dioxide condenses.

Occupy estimation additionally, one part water may store up in layer of Martian surface decency, in the earth's surface of high latitudinal area the following likelihood has larger area to put a layer on the ice.

If NASA can confirm the resource on spark can offer human place to use really, the mankind develops or will enter a new milepost.

Except this a few guess greatly beyond, still the netizen put forward a the boldest kind to guess: NASA announces formally, spark already did not have research value, halt the research to spark, come, let us continue a heavenly body

This group manuscript occupies Xinhua News Agency, international online


The important discovery that NASA is in spark up to now

Feburary 2013

NASA affirms curious size is in spark burrow succeeds on rock together, collect rock powder to the instrument that example will equip with oneself detects and be analysed.

March 2013

NASA announces, be opposite according to curious size the analysis of sample of Martian radical cliff shows, environment of Martian ancient time ever suited life to exist truly.

In September 2013

Curious size discovers, martian surface soil calculates by weight about 2% it is moisture.

In August 2014

The rock section that curious size films, show the distance river that gave a typical case to enter lake mouth nearby the characteristic of lake bed deposit.

In December 2014

The data that detector of curious size spark collects revealed the form mystery of the Xia Pushan of position of center of hole of fall from the sky of Martian lid Er, xia Pushan is the deposit of large riverbed before hundreds all ages is accumulated likely extremely, decency forms, and laky hypothesis ever existed to give out on spark of this pair of prooves strong support.

Little data


Spark, it is to leave the sun the 4th close planet, for one of 4 terrestrial planet. Martian diameter is earthly half about, bulk is 15% , quality is 11% , exterior accumulating is equivalent to earthly land the earth's surface accumulating, density is compared other 3 terrestrial planet are even a lot of smaller. With gravity of radius, quality, surface for, spark uprights to mix at the earth about among the moon: Martian radius is a moon about double, earthly half, quality is a moon about 1/9 of ninefold, earth, exterior gravity is a moon about 2.5 times, of the earth 2.5 1/0.

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