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Japanese police analyses traffic accident by constellation: Archer produce an accident the least

Stage intermediary says, japan loves to know

prefectural police to be opposite to arouse people the care of road transportation safety, bold use constellation to analyse type of traffic fatal accident, initiate polar review. Among them, aries most often happen chase after bump, chang Bian drives the edge uses a mobile phone, taurus often exceeds fast.

In the center of Taiwan company website will report on September 28, japan loves to know a county to had continued to hold a title 12 years continuously the county with highest mortality of Japanese traffic accident. Because love to know prefectural civilian car to have number,reside Japan the first, add famous Gu Wu cruel go say drive means, and lack drinks not to drive consciousness, make police very pained.

Love knows cadre of prefectural police the Ministry of Communication to express, common statistic, not quite conspicuous. Accordingly they decide the way that analyses with constellation, the hope causes everybody's safe to traffic care, prevent accident happening.

Loving what the police analyses to know a county is to arrived 2005 the dead traffic accident that produced inside this county 2014, in all 2829 (dead number 2911 people) . Do not distinguish with the dead's constellation place of accident reason, time, produce a place to wait.

The analysis points out, aries often happens chase after bump, do not drive please look on the side or with the mobile phone. Taurine most often produce overspeed accident. Gemini often produces an accident in road coming home, feel to special attention wants when setting one's mind at. Cancer because do not have,often be accident of safety belt happening most. Leo often disregards traffic light, wine to drive cause grave accident. Maiden because do not have time-out,often come down to look right and left and produce an accident. Libra female drives to often produce an accident.

Scorpio is in before dawn 0 when to 3 because steering wheel is held,accuse improper happening accident constantly. Archer it is the constellation that the accident produces the least in 12 constellation, but easy in the morning traffic accident. Capricorn it is to produ

ce fatal accident the constellation of the more than 2nd, in crossroad special risk. Water bottle it is the constellation of most fatal accident in 12 constellation, also be the constellation with most reason of cyclist hair make trouble. Pisces most often produce highway accident, want to avoid to drive for long.

Findings, some peoples feel police is very friendly attentively, but also does somebody feel the police does not have other issue to do?

According to investigation, hokkaido police also had analysed traffic fatal accident 2003 when the thing person constellation, county of past arms library, county love Yuan, Ishikawa county also has had similar analysis, love knows a county to be not innovation. The data that because love to know a county to have,does not pass is the most voluminous, be able to make the deepest analysis.


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