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Japan is prevented make a directive prepare advantageous position of exercise collective defend oneself to militia

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ermediary report, the Gu Yuan in Japanese defensive chancellery chaired this national defence 28 days to defend the joint meeting of province and cadre of militia high level this month, demonstrative militia ground is new the security bill that pass, cogent perform new international guard job.

Data chart: The Gu Yuan in Japanese defensive chancellery.

According to

the report, gu Yuan expresses on the meeting in, after new security proposed law is passed, what Japanese militia needs to load start on a journey to make collective defend oneself counterpoises is heavy duty. He points out, militia should do good PKO army to work to the convoy of foreign army, also should become good militia and foreign army at the same time the defence of collective base works.

Gu Yuan still emphasizes in, the security job with new exercise needs to get the farther understanding of Japanese countryman. Militia should do the collection of good information and analysis, discreet again cautiously has done each preparation work.

To this, day intermediary analysis says, in afore-mentioned directives of Gu Yuan, what defend oneself of adumbrative collective of exercise of Japanese militia overseas counterpoises is prelusive had pulled open.

As we have learned, japanese government is in decide on ministerial meeting of 25 days this month, will announce at 30 days already this month 19 days hold water, the security that includes the content such as authority of defend oneself of collective of lift a ban is relevant act.

From this, security law is announcing a 6 months less than to apply. The Gu Yuan in Japanese defensive posture says on the after ministerial meeting press conference before this: Will open the solid put to good use that is this law henceforth discuss and preparation works. 28 days he calls together defense to save a cadre, indicate again accelerate discuss.

(original title: Japan is prevented make a directive prepare exercise collective defend oneself to counterpoise to militia)

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