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Indian female baby catchs infrequent quite ill head is with age person 3 times big (graph)

Login is registering female baby of India of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to catch infrequent quite ill head with age person 3 times big (graph) origin: ? Comfort?2015-09-28 10:1 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel

According to Taiwan Dong Senxin hears the cloud to will report on September 25, indian majority family still belongs to poverty, then cannot the medical treatment charge of burden high specified number, bring about a lot of people illnesses to worsen the situation that cannot remedy. Because a family of local cannot bear the operation cost of nearly 100 thousand yuan of RMBs, the female baby head that its meet with has rare disease is to be the same as commonly age of the child 3 times big.

Basis " lens signs up for " report, india western out-of-the-way countryside Gu Jila is special state (Gujarat)14 horse of month of Er of handkerchief of big female baby (when Dhabuhi Parmar) is born, comparative healthy, become her however when 2 months are big, the head expands gradually, person allowing the home comparatives astonishment. Maternal Xia Kun of Paerma is amounted to pull (Shakuntala) immediately sends local small-sized hospital to undertake checking the daughter, but the doctor all is at a loss what to do, suggest Xia Kun is amounted to pull send the daughter toward large hospital check.

Father the last of the twelve Earthly Branches of Paerma is concessionary (Hitesh) says, we are taking Paerma to go around greatly small hospital, but the doctor tells us, should take her to go to the hospital with more perfect equipment so we lent; money, rangpaerma takes the drug that doctor place opens, but her head did not stop to grow.

Maternal Xia Kun is amounted to pull mention, the daughter's head is quite heavy, not only cannot walk to also cannot crawl, she can lie on the floor only all the day, I do not know why god should punish us, we are very happy really when she is born, but do not hope to see her now this appearance. In addition, xia Kun is amounted to pull still say, family the pay of a month only 60 pound, cannot pay at all be as high as the 5000 operation expenses to 10 thousand pound.

Final complement says Paerma's grandmother, the doctor says handker

chief Er horse is likely can live one year more again only, the head that worries about her very much can explode one day. The report says, the time place that the semiotic if of oedema of this kind of head is checking has treatment, it is illness of can effective control.

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