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China finishs the ammunition exit with brushstroke the greatest throughout history to trade

Pakistan Department of Defense Production grows Housaiyin to expressed a few days ago, the agreement that China sells submarine of 8 groovy motivation to Pakistan has been knocked calm. The analysis points to, this not only the maritime force that can change Pakistan, and for the exit to Chinese ammunition, also have surveyor's pole sense.

It is reported, in cling to value of subscription total prices of agreement of this army carry out is as high as 40 to come 5 billion dollar, submarine is built will undertake at the same time in China and Pakistan, among them 4 will be built in Kalaji. Cling to Department of Defense Production grows Housaiyin to express, besides, china still will make over submarine to make a technology to Pakistan. Although cling to the specific time that just did not explain submarine is built, but Housaiyin expresses, build a plan to will begin immediately. For this, pakistan army still will build a submarine to train a center in Kalaji. The expert expresses, china is undertaking martial core technology make over to Pakistan all the time, carry out of this submarine army is not exceptional also.

Harry of Sudan of analyst of Pakistan national defence: Some earlier moment China had offerred a plane to Pakistan, back-to-back China provided helicopter to us again. Still offerred a lot of r

elevant technologies to us meanwhile, ambitious dragon opportunity for combat is an example.

Although cling to the specific type that just did not show carry out submarine fully. But media figures in succession, its or for S-20 model yuan submarine of class conventi

on motivation. Cling to intermediary report says, china builds submarine to will enhance the submarine actual strength of Pakistan for Pakistan. Current, pakistan navy shares 8 submarine, submarine of French of 90-B of 3 A Gu Sida and two Agusida 70-B submarine is to basically fight core. But these submarine face the problem such as comprehensive overhaul or ageing mostly. Accordingly, build or buy new-style submarine to also become Pakistan naval urgent matter. Ba Qianhai army Aihamaide points out chief of the general staff, chinese submarine army carry out, aim to let Pakistan gain core technology and national defence actual strength.

Chief of the general staff of the navy before Pakistan Aihamaide: Chinese government and people place give us (weapon) , it is to let us obtain independent undoubtedly (technology) , such capacity that we can have own research and development and own production.

The analysis points to, in view of imprint cling to the bilateral relationship of two countries insecurity, indian key develops naval act to make Pakistan very nervous. How narrow or improve pair of Indian naval inferior position, become Pakistan army preferential settlement problem. Pakistan develops submarine through Chinese help, conduce to its breaking Indian navy to be opposite cling to coastal block, also will constitute serious menace to Indian aircraft carrier at the same time.

Phoenix is defended inspect Zhang Ting sharp edge Mohammedan fort reports Pakistan

Occupy the story before Pakistan media is early additionally, analytic personage expresses, this buys 8 submarine from China agreement that Pakistan government approves, it is the contract of the biggest army carry out between two countries, also be Chinese heretofore the biggest weapon outlet trades.


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