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Circumstance of famous model public feeds mother milk to offend awkwardness: By elevator when gush people a single person

Login register circumstance of public of famous model of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to feed mother milk to offend awkwardness: By elevator when: of origin of gush people a single person? Discharge  A sunshine?2015-09-28 09:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel

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of hematic famous model. Attend an activity together with the husband, show a person with

clairvoyant outfit, refer the fun of two daughters dashs along: They two well, big female learn a thing now, keep telling, she resembles me quite, young daughter resembles husband, she 7 weeks are big, disposition is quiet, big female active a lot of. (can second birth? ) we had not considered this issue, but now two female small still, temporary very happy!

Cara G.

She divulges afterbirth a general term for young women is just again absurd issued male baby, oneself also hope to be able to have a son. Ask about uptodate whether to still feed person grandma? She says: Be, I just feed a person to suckle before these 6 weeks, I want to publicize mother milk, because mother milk is healthy to BB, yixi hopes Hong Kong person can open a point, sometimes all round person eye when I feel to feed a person to suckle is a bit strange, each looks at you, make you feel very awkward, actually this thing is very normal, do not need attack by surprise of cloak of good hide from view to perhaps feel awkward! (does the grandma that feed a person encounter fun? ) have! I go now doctor there make an inspection, hold in the arms small female when taking elevator, nursing, someone gives lift, I removed daughter, she eats to be suckled readily, and I too much grandma, small female mouth leaves, my grandma arrives with respect to gush go on a pair of couples, ha, I feel to laugh well!

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