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Man of strong and handsome village all is India muscle male reject smoke wine abstain from eating meal (graph)

Login register India of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is man of strong and handsome village all muscle male reject smoke wine abstain from eating meal (graph) origin: ? Salary  ?2015-09-27 14:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel [summary] on come year of nearly 5 a period of ten days " uncle " , issue adolescent, village man each figure be good at large

A village of south of the state in Indian heart with it is muscle completely male and famed, uncle of year of nearly 5 a period of ten days comes on, issue adolescent, each exercises village man figure be good at large. And these muscle male the destiny that also changed oneself.

A village of south of the state in Indian heart with it is hale muscle completely male and famed

Do not smoke to also do not drink

American media reports, this village is called Asuola - Fadahebuerbeili, be located in region of brim of De Libang south, it may be said is the dorp with the strongest India.

Report, everyday early morning and dusk, can see what village man undertakes 2 hours take exercise. Men can tumble in slop, climb rope climbing to all alone and finish hundreds of situp and push-up. They still can carry each other on the shoulder, or lift the autocycle that makes an appointment with 350 kilograms again to the bosom before. The village does not have contemporary gym almost, most man still prefers to exercise means traditionally. A man that is called Tanwoer says.

In addition, to carry the figure of be good at large, the man of the village pays attention to habits and customs very. They reject smoke wine, major person eats only maigre, give priority to with fruit, nut, yoghurt, drink a large number of milk.

We do not eat any buildup sarcous nourishment, tanwoer says, everybody has a meal on time, and diet is healthy, take exercise to here everyday, this is our so hale reason.

Muscle becomes rich should go up bodyguard

Tanwoer is considered as the village to lead fitness the first person of tid

e, also be the example that muscle becomes rich.

15 yea

rs ago, the Tanwoer that has able-bodied frame joins Indian state without the predestined relationship tumble team, prepare for war the Olympic Games, because this begins,seek the ground of other use force.

As increase of measure of the nightclub in capital new moral character, also increase ceaselessly to bodyguard demand. Final, tanwoer finds a bodyguard to work by right of a suit muscle. I am a village in the first (come out) the person when bodyguard, he says, after this, everybody (man) begin follow my pace. Show level, (in the village) 300 much people are become in Xin Deli club and bar bodyguard. He still says: No less than people place character: Healthy namely fortune. We are very healthy, can (use strong) earn favourable wage, the child that lets us enters outstanding school, eat on goluptious meal.

Experienced nowadays with respect to muscle already was to fend not only, already became precious tradition. All alone exert of 19 years old is inspected new generation is strong and handsome in the village person delegate. He everyday before dawn got up at 5 o'clock take exercise, ideal is to make athlete of a tumble. According to Xinhua News Agency

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