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German masses CEO or because abdication obtains Europe of 6 ten million 8 years to let public sales volume,turn over times

Chairman of board of directors of German people group holds presiding apparitor Martin concurrently Wentekeen resigns 23 days because of discharging the door, the likelihood brings back the home incidentally highest can amount to 60 million euro (add up to 66.98 million dollar about) compensation.

The United States " wall street daily " 24 days of reports, wentekeen can be taken finally in one's hand specific amount, depend on people corporation how how look upon his leave one's post.

According to people company annual report, the compensation that Wentekeen is about to win may include two. Among them brushstroke is pension income. Up to 2014 the end of the year, he already scrape up 28.6 million euro (31.87 million dollar) annuities.

Additional, annals is mentioned at the same time, people corporation but highest pay leave his post to be in charge of those who be equivalent to recompense summation two years high to leave one's post gold. 2014, wentekeen obtains base salary, bonus and welfare to add up to 15 mi

llion euro (16.7 million dollar) .

Wentekeenyin the mass

es exposes to the sun give partial car environmental protection to detect cogged scandal and abdication. American superintendency branch points to 18 days admit, car of carry out part installed masses place to deal with tail gas technically to discharge detected invalidation protector, in order to make they are when car check can with reach a standard of standard of high environmental protection, and discharge contaminant in great quantities however in be used at ordinary times.

The masses admits 22 days, whole world of scandal drag in car of 11 million masses. Famous car look forward to says this Germany at the same time, the profit target this year may be reached hard. According to the United States " clean air standard " , masses car is faced with highest amerce of 18 billion dollar.

Wentekeen says, the masses derv engine that he points out to American investigation personnel is violated compasses discharge a problem to be in charge of. Do not cross him firm say, oneself do not have err from individual angle what thing.

Wentekeen joined the masses 1993, chairman of people group board of directors is held the position of to hold presiding apparitor concurrently since January 2007. Reuter report, in steer a boat popular in 8 years of time, wentekeen let this group sales volume break up one time, profit is nearly 3 times before. (Bo Xiaoming)


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