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Trample of Mecca go on a pilgrimage or send Iran of 1300 people death to will mourn 3 days

In report will report new net integratedly on September 25, local time 24 days, accident of trample of face go on a pilg

rimage produces near Saudi Arabia Mecca. Sand spy authorities says, at present this accident has caused 717 people to die, 800 more than person is injured. But according to Iranian respect message, accident victim reachs 1300 people.

Prevent the news that the branch announces before this according to Sha Temin, trample accident of 24 days causes at least 717 people to die, additionally 863 people get hurt. Sand spy respect did not provide the specific detail of concerned dead citizenship, but describe them to come from different country.

Nevertheless, to the casualty number that the accident causes, the view that Iranian respect gave out to differ. According to Iran dispatch compa

ny reports Faersitong 24 days, trample accident causes death of at least 1300 people, more than 2000 people are injured.

Dispatch company still says Faersitong, there is citizen of citizenship of about 131 Irans in accident victim, about 150 Iranian get hurt. The Yi inside Ha Mei of highest spirit cacique announces Iran, iran will mourn 3 days, grieve over in more than 1000 victims in the accident.

Be stationed in latest news of sanded especially big diplomatic mission according to China, trample postaccident, china is stationed in sanded especially big diplomatic mission, be stationed in Ji Da to always get a house to start relevant lash-up mechanism instantly. Did not discover square casualty of the central Shaanxi plain of trample accident photograph up to now.

(original title: Trample of Mecca go on a pilgrimage or send Iran of 1300 people death to will be mourned 3 days)

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