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Mecca go on a pilgrimage person trample accident death toll rises to 220 people rescuing job to already spread out

Local time on September 23, saudi Arabia Mecca, come from world each district attend annual the ave that the Moslem of go on a pilgrimage spreads all over Mecca is off-street. It is reported, the whole world makes an appointment with 2.5 million Moslem to join go on a pilgrimage.

In report will occupy new network on September 24 Afp report, local time 24 days, accident of trample of the person that the rice accept area that in distance Mecca the eastpart part 5 kilometers manage produces go on a pilgrimage, the accident already caused at least 220 people to die, additionally hundreds person gets hurt.

The report says, introduce according to sand spy authorities, trample accident happens in stone to attack diabolical ceremonially. It is reported, this kind of ceremony is go on a pilgrimage person be bungled suddenly to one side stonewalling with stone, break up in order to show diabolical. But ceremonial happening is subsequently confused, caused this trample accident.

Spokesman of sand spy Home Office says, already got hurt to the spot personnel spreads out come to help to work with cure.


The report points out, mecca pilgrim lasts 5 days commonly, accident the 3rd day that day is pilgrim. Before this, appear to prevent an accident especially dene, already many 3000 about 100 thou

sand secure armed forces, fireman and nearly 500 fire engine are in by deploy ground of go on a pilgrimage.

(Original title: Sand spy go on a pilgrimage person trample accident sends 220 people dead rescuing job already spread out)

Outspread read: Mecca go on a pilgrimage person exposure of trample accident reason causes trample fact to take exposure of picture of trouble spot of trample of picture of shock of pilgrim of sand spy Mecca in ceremonial happening disorder (group plan) go on a pilgrimage of sand spy Mecca person trample accident is newest casualties circumstance: The person that dead number amounts to go on a pilgrimage of 150 quantity of National People's Congress swarms Mecca city street go up with hill spread all over white garment gown (group plan)


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