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Does Chinese tourist Japan explode buy spread to high speed area to be inferior to helping home products spend difficulty in all?

Login register Japan of tourist of China of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to explode buy spread to high speed area to be inferior to helping home products spend difficulty in all? Origin: ?  kills?2015-09-24 10:2 of contraction huge rockEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

Day intermediary says, of the Chinese explode buy the foreign visitor that already became heat to discuss a topic to shop hot, the service division that also spreads to the freeway gradually (SA) and jockey area (PA) . Also aim at at the same time 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, also begin to advance inside jade county answer measure newly. (Net of 2015/9/23 reference news)

Outspread read: Chinese tourist Japan explodes buy bring the hot intermediary that discuss day: Already spread to high speed to serve an area

Develop as the high speed of Chinese economy, chinese tourist travels in abroad when, the commodity that is fond of a foreign country is early not be what news any more. From fool grab Japanese closestool lid to arrive in light of Japanese satchel, solemn to follow su

it blindly for a kind Japanese goods. And explode this buy the service division that spreads to the freeway even, it is to make a person good really not exclaim.

Actually, no matter Japanese closestool lid still is Japanese rice, how much doesn't its real effect see weller than homebred goods, the Chinese likes blind to fool grab, outside notting have the pocket is rich, the heart adores Japanese goods, at the same time lack stopped to the confidence of home products. Also because of 3 conditions while contented, just can let Japanese goods become a Chinese to be fooled ceaselessly time and again grab goods and materials.

Actually, who to hold the post of to know, fool when us when grabbing Japanese commodity, production company of a lot of China is lacking market because of commodity however, and be close to going bankrupt. And blind buys day of goods, the article that can not assure to be bought certainly however is the stuff that fits his to use most, still have a lot of things even not as good as home products. Such buying means, be a callosity that buys content concept to compatriots actually sneer at. , when complaining him country commodity is no good ceaselessly, actually without discovery Japan also appears likewise the problem of product quality, idolatry Japan goods, no more than compares round psychological portraiture with respect to the moon that is a foreign country.

In the instantly of structural adjustment of Chinese economy industry, economic progress of China has begun to fall apparently fast. And those fool the compatriots that grabs Japanese product to whether look round look, when each minutes of money that should get on him hand uses help Japan economy to develop, our homebred business people the steam again that awaiting capital anxiously, and the steam again of capital is very big one part depends on the sale of commodity. And fool grab Japanese commodity, going up somehow for, also can be behavior of a kind of unpatriotic actually.

Actually, chinese industry structural adjustment to Chinese economy, it is a labor pains period. A lot of enterprises are washed out in the tide of the market probably, but the enterprise that insists to come down, if can the two end of occupational smile curve, offer the bran

d that has quality, grab the heart that returns compatriots from inside Japanese commodity, also not be impossible.

Probably, fool grabbing Japanese commodity is the pain spot that China creates, but, can face oneself insufficient part, and try improve, innovate ceaselessly and perfect, believe before long in the future, make when China when turning China into creation, market transition of China calculates finished. (Liu Song is cold)

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