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Japanese number person protests security law latest news: The award that obtain Nuo gets brunt to maintain

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In report will occupy new network on September 24 day intermediary report, recently, large quantities of Japanese peoples hold meeting in Tokyo, achieve the security that hold water to 19 days relevant proposed law and this country the government restarts be related of nuclear power plant expresses to protest. The appeal such as the Japanese well-known writer that attends meeting and youth people wants unremitting ground protest to go down.

The people protests the site.

Great river be good at 3 man.

According to the report, benciji can be in great river of winner of Nobel literature award be good at 3 man, writer falls hold below the appeal that combines the well-known public figure such as Hui Zi, the Dai Daimu park that the place is division of Tokyo acerbity cereal. Just disclose according to sponsorring, about 25 thousand person attended meeting.

Great river be good at 3 man say in the speech on assembly: Japan safeguards next peace that achieved 70 years in constitution, and be in a the most precarious transition now period. We should contend with this one crisis go down.

Additional, fall add up to Hui Zi to say in the speech: To recapture us from inside showing political power hand democratically, let us with living the right and character right are cost, go fighting together! The job of deal with problems arising from an accident of accident of the first nuclear power plant cannot see blessing island any foreground, below this kind of circumstance, we

do not allow to restart absolutely nuclear power plant.

After this, love radical is in the chief Aotian of the Japanes

e youth group that opposes security law speech middle finger goes out: In this one the moment of truth, we must give out the cry that rejects constitution of war, defend. Let us span the difference of the age, a battle goes down!

On the other hand, from this month the United Nations General Assembly of the last ten-day of a month rises, japanese premier brings times advance 3 will use bilateral reach multilateral talk circumstance to seek pair of security to world each country the understanding of relevant law.

In the specification to world each country, how times will emphasize passing aggrandizement day beauty to be mixed federally enlarge militia overseas activity will advance active peace diplomacy. Main around spread out at 3 o'clock below: Japan is afterwar come 70 years line of importunate peace nation will be changed henceforth; Asia-Pacific zone environment is increasingly austere, any countries cannot the force by oneself ensures safe; To realize beauty of day of peaceful general aggrandizement affined, push multilateral and safe collaboration and operation of U.N. peace keeping.

(Original title: Japan counts person afterwards continuation to be able to protest security law obtains force of Nuo award winner maintain)

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