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Japan is " divine wind accuses a group especially " Shen Wei is oppugned beautification war (graph)

Login register Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be " does divine wind accuse a group especially " is Shen Wei oppugned beautification war (graph) origin: ? ?2015-09-15 11:4 of this ┣ A OuEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

Later period of Pacific Ocean war, the Japanese gamble ground of put up a desperate struggle organizes divine wind to attack a team to carry out suicidal type attack especially. City of a poetic name of China austral Japan knows to see Ding is in those days the main base that Japanese army air arm accuses a group especially. The Japanese youth of thought of militarism of on 1000 enthusiastic believe in sets out from here, accuse the member of the team especially as divine wind, driving to lade only the opportunity for combat of one-way fuel, bear down on vessel of U.S. Army ship

Frost of mayor of a poetic name of China gives collate to make the same score south go up in the press conference

Know to see attack the divine wind that exhibits in peaceful guild hall to attack GJ of graph of posthumous papers of team team member especially especially

Well-known, divine wind accuses a group especially is spirit of Japanese militarism, bushido is reincarnate, it is Japanese aggression in the war hard evasive one page, ought to be come down by true record. Just, was short of admit liability of aggressive history, genuine introspection this premise, it can reduce Japanese right wing to give the people the tool of brainwashing only.

Be located in south of a poetic name of China know to see attacked peaceful guild hall to collect wind of about 14 thousand gods to attack team member hangover especially especially. But those who cause multilateral and intense allergy is, the material that this peace guild hall is full of jade two years to break faithful gentleman waits for a word for these continuously applies for the world to remember bequest.

13 days, frost of mayor of a poetic name of China gives collate south smooth, know to see guild hall curator hold concurrently south bequest of memory of world of a poetic name of China advances room room to grow wild get the better of man, know to see Sang Daimu of director of guild hall management the foreign reporter club that hero is in Tokyo holds a press conference, trying to explain their Shen Wei acts again is for pure pass level of warlike miserable intense to common people, avoid similar tragedy to happen again. Nevertheless, they did not achieve the result of their expect, because show a reporter,oppugn motive of day of square Shen Wei strongly.

70 years past, keep the person about that paragraph of bitter memory is less and less. To share the document data that records this paragraph of extraordinary history with the world, those who let it can remind war of world each country, descendants forever is bitter, maintain world peace, we decide to apply for to log onto U.N. Educational world to remember bequest project for its, and not be for the history that wind of beautification, rationalize god accuses a group especially absolutely, press conference at the beginning, frost gives such argue explanation.

Subsequently, frost goes out and go up wild repeat afore-mentioned content ceaselessly, hope international media help gives up the misgive of country of warlike fall victim and anxious.

Reporter of Xinhua News Agency sees in the spot, frost goes out, on wild wait for a person to look a manner condescending, one's words is earnest, but the biting query that faces media reporter, they perhaps are immersed in silent, perhaps move say demit is answered machine-madely.

England " peaceful interview person newspaper " the reporter quizs above all. He says he has looked around to know to see a guild hall, but impression differs with what sponsor square conduct propaganda. Look around end, I feel this really (divine wind accuses a group especially) it is a tragedy. What the war alludes without one place in the literal specification that I remember memorial hall is horrible, stay to the person instead (divine wind team member) the impression of exalted great even death. He asks to sponsor

square explanation to produce the account of deviation of two kinds of impression, but day honest answer is very far-fetched. Day just says, know to see a guild hall hope to transmit the information with valuable peace to people, explain showpiece emphasize performance this.

A German reporter asks: To avoid recurrent such tragedy, the origin that should make clear a war, who ought to be in charge of for the war, and avoid sincerely produce similar battle again. Why be know to see did not reflect however in the guild hall come out? To this, answer of square harsh land says day: We are improper answer your question about warlike responsibility.

A British reporter asks: The international peace center that is located in Japanese Osaka issues the political pressure of thorough by force of Osaka mayor bridge, removed the item on display that records Japanese aggressive history, adapted to reveal a specification. Face Japanese Right deviation to turn the pressure of trend and government, since know to see a guild hall do not think beautification war, how can guarantee against become governmental tool then? Day just replies say: This is our peaceful guild hall, this is our principle, although we face the pressure that comes from administration, regular also meeting holds to original intention.

Associated press reporter asks: The everybody that you are present knows risk, know to see a guild hall can be used by a few people namely, make the tool of beautification war. So, why to face such doubt and risk, insist to apply for the world to remember bequest for its? The means so much that publicizes now, gregarious network also very develop, can use these platform conduct propaganda completely. Day just speaks plausibly and at length the ground says, they can control trend of a got-up affair. They hold to Shen Wei, it is to hope to obtain more person to approbate, let more person understanding know to see a guild hall.

Free contributor of a Japan asks: Know to see a guild hall be recieved every year a lot of repair the student that learns a journey, how can make sure they are not attacked what team team member stays to be full of agitative speech agitate especially by divine wind, can such exhibition rise to deliver the result of peaceful information really? Day just replies with diplomatic language appropriate to occasion say, hope the other side looks to memorial hall.

Reporter of Xinhua News Agency understands, the National People's Congress that has looked around to know to see a guild hall can get similar impression: It is playing peaceful banner, dry is the thing that is militaristic call back the spirit of the dead however, malicious. In this peace guild hall, divine wind accuses team member especially by hero of fashion into pathos. Their achievement not only cannot arouse the people to review a war, the compassion that causes pair of god wind likely instead to accuse a group especially adores even. Investigate its are essential, depend on day of square promiscuous seeing and hearing, him aggrandizement the figure of warlike victim, desalt evades the responsibility that starts a war even.

Civil / Zhu Chao of reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Relevant news

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Japanese Ming Zhishen just objects offerring as a gift in

Report of Xinhua News Agency to Japan bright treat Shen Wei of Industrial Revolution relics, hua Chunying of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 14 days, the relevant industry relics that just objects just declaring day in includes world bequest directory.

That day on routine press conference, the reporter asks, according to the report, board of relics of international historic site already finished day of Benmingzhi a few days ago Industrial Revolution relics declares world culture bequest evaluate, meeting of world bequest committee will undertake deliberative to this. Korea already expressed to object stoutly to this, declare relics to use impress labor to have serious care during World War II to Japan. Is there just He Ping to talk in?

Hua Chunying expresses, declare world culture bequest to should accord with U.N. Educational to mix " protective world culture and natural heritage convention " the tenet of stimulative peace and spirit. In the relics of 23 office industry that day just declares, many lie during World War II used peninsula of China, Korea and other Asia country by the labor of impress. Impress and bondage labor are Japanese militarism go in the serious crime that commits during aggression and colony are regnant external. At this late hour, of a lot of innocent victims proper and reasonable appeal to beg respond to and solve what still did not get bearing the blame.

Day just puts forward to apply for relevant industry relics to include world bequest directory now, ignore the impress labor issue that exists among them however, will issue what kind of signal to international society, worth while and thoughtful. Hua Chunying says. Day of Founder just is urged to inspect in and appropriate solves concerned care. Believe world bequest committee to will handle concerned issue with the means that bear the blame.

Be in to the report calls Japan abandon China lag of progress of job of processing of chemical weapon destroy by melting or burning, hua Chunying of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 14 days, day just is urged in square cogent fulfil relevant responsibility and obligation, accelerate process of job of destroy by melting or burning further.

Japanese cabinet opens floodgate for the war through relevant security proposed law

Government of Japan of report of Xinhua News Agency holds in 14 days temporarily on ministerial meeting, passed a series of security related authority of as collective as exercise defend oneself relevant proposed law.

A series of bill that Japanese government passes include a new legislation revises a law with 10. New legislation is " international peace supports bill " , pledge actually namely militia is abroad send permanent law. According to this one law, japan is OK assist according to needing arms of the clique outside Xiang Hai to be offerred to other country army at any time.

Japanese government will submit series security bill to congress at 15 days. Because be in office from civilian party and citizen party,alliance is joined in congress numerous two courtyards all hold seat of above of half the number, security proposed law predicts to will be in the summer is passed this year discuss go into effect. A series of security proposed law stand really and pass, mean install collective of times government lift a ban self-defensive authority, edit finger of day beauty defensive collaboration, enlarge militia the martial security policy of activity of abroad military affairs gets ensuring in legal level, also proclaim afterwar and long-term importunate defends Japan only defensive national policy is installed times government overturns thoroughly.

Bring times government a series of aiming the movement that abroad military affairs acts causes militia of untie a person to public opinion is oppugned strongly and be anxious. Below hill of director of secretary of Japanese Communist Party fragrant unripe think, this is the security policy about-face tha

t allows Japanese overseas to fight, can calls a war legislation, it is the destruction of pair of Japan constitution. Tian Zhongzhi criticism says Dang Shouji of company civilian party, it is warlike act obviously, however coronal name peace, this is in beguiling countryman.

" morning sun news " a when announce at the beginning of May civilian attune shows, this people worries nearly 9 the whole day, enlarge legionary to the other country such as the U.S. Army military affairs to assist as Japanese militia, japan will be met henceforth war of be involved in. " Japanese economy news " civilian attune shows, 52 % people objects brash on current parliament through security proposed law.

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