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British man swallows 35 Wei elder brother one hour 5 days golden gun does not fall by hospital emergency treatment

Login register man of England of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian one hour to swallow 35 Wei elder brother 5 days doesn't golden gun fall by: of origin of hospital emergency treatment? Pay Wang?2015-09-14 20:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel

According to stage intermediary report, england east York county De Fusi of plum of worker of 36 years old of cement, was actually a few days ago inside a hour get down 35 males erect elder brother of Wei of functional obstacle medicaments (Viagra) , be sent toward hospital emergency treatment.

Lucky plum De Fusi

When plum De Fusi goes to friend home meeting last week, because had better play, it is actually inside a hour get down 35 Wei elder brother. Before long, I begin to feel dizzy, keck, appear at the moment psychedelic, next Defusi says the plum that all things grow green it seems that. The friend remands him, he to wife calm bear oneself enter next catastrophe, the wife calls immediately call up an ambulance to send medical service him. The doctor of the hospital and nurse are very professional, but apparently, after everybody hears my state, on the face bearing by force laugh.

The ability after his dizzy symptom arrives 2 days improves gradually, the doctor asks he leaves a courtyard 36 hours to have observation. Plum De Fusi says the most miserable is, the time that is as long as 5 days, want me only easily thought body immediately respond, I use it without a bit opportunity however.

Doctor warning, wei elder brother has effect to the man's penis not merely, exceed dosage to be able to cause a bosom painful, low blood pressure, lose consciousness to cause permanent harm to cerebral ministry even, serious likelihood is deadly. Plum De Fusi is a very lucky case, must not try.

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