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Tourist of China of Japanese program denounce is uncivilized: Swarm takes a picture to throw butt in disorder (graph)

Login register program of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian denounce China tourist is uncivilized: Does swarm take a picture to throw butt in disorder (graph) origin: ? Comfort?2015-09-15 10:5 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel

Reference news net will report stage intermediary says on September 15, japan has a TV station why to become disqualification traveller easily to discuss Liu Ke, special head for shallow grass and Fujiyama dot of about of two grand sight is interviewed, because this attacks guest having land to offend wool Japanese continuously, within an inch of and local inn-keeper have conflict.

Tourist of a male surname is in mainland journey group Fujiyama smoking still drops about stub

According to Taiwan Dong Senxin hears the cloud to will report on September 12, this program heads for Tokyo shallow grass above all, pat two mainlands woman to just arrived before ark, still do not have mouth inquiry to stretch his hand oneself take what carry out peddles on ark face to bake a round mass of food, the businessman has not enough time to move to check. Then, had not paid obviously, among them one person another get down an a round mass of food. Originally already come to an agreement or understanding should nod two, let a proprietress ravel after packing, they shake shake one's hand in disapproval rejects to said to be not bought suddenly again, the proprietress cannot help rebuking with Japanese on the spot.

The report says, inn-keeper people suffer when visitting, say frankly, liu Ke brings giant business chance, but the bearing of partial tourist is formal your person dare not flatter. Program camera lens turns to Fujiyama again, the swarm that discovers La of man big La again takes a picture, this male tourist examines minutely before Japanese reporter goes up, the man suffers when visitting, state oneself come from at Shanghai.

Across still has a male tourist of chinese mainland, disobey regulation of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade to smoke in the spot, and conveniently is thrown lose stub into mountain forest, disregard at may causing silvan conflagration, also disregard at here it is world bequest Fujiyama; Even, still the aunt crosses the bridge directly, collect the lava of Fujiyama place, actually this is forbidden behavior.

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