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One jail produces American southern part disturbance causes 3 people to die 5 people are injured

City of He Ma of American Russia carat is being locked up the jail of about 1600 convict produces disturbance 12 days afternoon, cause 5 3 convict death, convict to get hurt.

City of He Ma of the carat that occupy Russia " the world signs up for Daersa " report, this disturbance happening is city of Russia carat He Ma a jail of urban library glad, from local time afternoon 4 when begin 39 minutes, lasted about 40 minutes, place favour coquettish did not cause jail staff member to get hurt in disorder.

The Ervine of spokesman of a company that runs this prison confirms produced this one disturbance. He says, after disturbance happening, superintendency personnel takes

action instantly, try to let made people return his prison house. Outside dividing 3 deads, 5 person that hurt already were sent toward hospital cure. But the reason that he did not disclose this rambunctious happening, and how are 3 convict killed and 5 convict the condition of an injury is like what kind circumstance.

At present this jail has been in high guard condition, jail just reachs this city to execute the law branch al

ready at this point second disturbance launchs investigation.

In recent years, this jail ever produced similar disturbance many cases. This year in June, this jail ever produced convict affray event one case, cause 11 convict to get hurt be in hospital.


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