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Doctor Mayaxiya places scissors hand to pat encounter to face before patient private parts fire

According to England " lens signs up for " will report on August 31, malaysia takes a picture when an obstetrician deliver a child, uploaded the photograph the net to go up, cause mad pass. In this piece of astonishing photograph, a hand puts this doctor in the privacy place of female patient, another hand compares the triumphal signal that gives V word. At present this doctor is faced with fire.

The privacy place of female patient in the photograph is exposed, this kind of photograph is not to accord with cure to protect personnel profession ethic apparently. Before although also the medical service with nurse or smaller position protects personnel,upload this kind of photograph, but this says natively to cure is head bout however, and this do

ctor that comes from hospital of city of Rou Foxin hill is the first

be faced with the doctor that fire because of uploading medical treatment picture.

Sailisabula of minister of Malaysia Ministry of Public Health (SeriSubra) says to will give this doctor disciplinary action instantly, but he also expresses to rule the result still needs to await juror of collectivity of medical treatment morality to make resolution finally. Relevant investigation personnel also films in investigation photograph person it is He Ren after all.

Outspread read: Malaysia compares V skill to insert puerpera private parts to take a picture without fine doctor skill (graph)


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