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Install friend of times familial Korea to die 3 years Jin Zhengen sends telegram of condolences to express sympathy and solicitude for

According to Japan joint company will report on August 30, during world christian unites Wen Xianming of deities association author to die 3 years, korea is highest leader Jin Zhengen sends telegram of condolences to express to mourn to its family member.

Occupy the company in face 30 days to report, jin Zhengen says in telegram of condolences, article family name devotes oneself to to realize ethical compromise and solidarity, try hard to achieve national unity and world peace. Secretary of Korea labor party holds Jin Yangjian of minister of united front ministry concurrently to also give wreath to family member of its old friend.

When Wen Xianming died in September 2012, korea is highest Xiang Jiling a coffin with corpse in sends leader Jin Zhengen wreath, die to his express deep-felt lamentation. Committee of standing of top people conference returned Korea to award the motherland unified prize to Wen Xianming that day, with commending he reconciles to make positive contribution with patriotic career of solidarity to achieve Korea nation.

Disclose according to Japanese media, when Wen Xianming is alive with bring times household concern close, show premier to bring times advan

ce the interpose of grandfather bank letter of 3 is as private as its the concern is not common. Although world christian unites deities association to be shown by association of system of Japanese law division card is for many times,turn over social evil cult to organize, guest

of Dan Zimin party card still to it compose builds close cooperation to concern. Tokyo knows thing stone before former Shen Tailang, currently hold the post ofbenefit of valley of chairman of national public security to manage child the benefaction that ever was crossed this organization to go up in election general affairs.

Wen Xianming is born in Korea, he is united at founding 1954 religion, numerous believer is had in the United States, Japan, under one's name has orgnaization of Yo of much family education, media and company. December 1991, wen Xianming visits Korea, meet Jin Richeng of Korea state chairman, family member of collaboration of economy of discussion face Han, disperse reunites wait for matters concerned. (Yu Peng of reporter of round-the-world network coverage flies)


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