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" the person that seeks kite " Tong Xing is exasperate Taliban is fugitive Sweden of 8 years of stay

Go out when Aihamaidehanmahemizada is 12 Afghan boy years old perform Oscar nomination film " the person that seeks kite " , rapid fame big a confusion of voices. However, clue of the part in film irritated class of Afghan tower benefit, mizada is faced with your Ma He dead menace, must abscond abroad.

Came 8 years in the past, mahemizadadong hides Tibet, request felon to just cross Sweden secretly later.

Be forced to leave his native land with father enlighten do obeisance to two years

American film " the person that seeks kite " adapt from homonymic novel, mahemizada is in piece in Ha Sang of personate Afghanistan teenager. This novel descendantses by beautiful book Afghanistan writer Ka Lede Husaini is published before long after 9 11 incident, sensation is caused quickly in the whole world, him writer suffers invite hold the position of U.N. amicability ambassador.

This is a story that helps atone for about human nature, let the world understand to suffer devastate of flames of war, the Afghan nation of unknown to public. However, there all is the three unities in novel and film, namely Ha Sang is intercepted to be in lane by a group of bad boy devastate is brutal.

Mahemizada's family is anxious, this one gut will be exasperate class of Afghan tower benefit, your family person escapes hard death is minatory. Allegedly the play staff ever promised cancel this part camera lens, but this one crucial gut still was withheld in final version.

Film immediately is banned in Afghanistan. Mahemizada of 12 yea

rs old and domestic person escape hurriedly Afghanistan, in order to conserve life. Occupy Mahemizada to be recollected later, he takes a car in street of Afghan capital Kabul once, abrupt somebody is thrown into a brick from car window, still scolded a few toward him.

Mahemizada and father ever were in United Arab Emirates enlighten do obeisance to exiled two years, meantime living cost is aided financially by the play staff. However, the others family fails to obtain visa however, must return Afghanistan finally.

Show effectiveness Sweden one football team

Mahemizadadong hides Tibet, roam about everywhere, once swam even pass through White Russia border land, occasionally successive meals of two days of be unable to get something to eat. After many setbacks, he helps in felon fall to cross Sweden secretly.

Nowadays, equestrian conspicuous rice of 20 years old plunges into the family of a fosterage that amounts to Bolune, it is effectiveness of team of a football of local, but still dream to be able to read film institute one day.

Those who make him amazed is, many Swede are informed him is " the person that seeks kite " inside when that Ha Sang, be profuse in praise to him. They tell me, I act really well, mahemizada tells England " daily telecommunications s

igns up for " reporter, they believe hard, in former days the star can reduce a refugee.


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