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Gules Cambodia " first-lady " Yingdili dies to escape with the husband legal sanction

Login register Cambodia of red of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " first-lady " does Yingdili die to escape with the husband: of legal sanction origin? ?2015-08-23 12:1 of dazzle skirt Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

Front courtyard expresses the special law of Kampuchea war crime that U.N. supports 22 days, benefit of Ying Di of leader of gules Cambodia high level died that day, all the year round is 83 years old. This is character of another gone before the court tries finally core of gules Cambodia influence.

Before benefit of Ying Di of leader of gules Cambodia high level.

Yingdili is leader of Kampuchea red Cambodia wave Er cloth is special the little sister of that benefit of wife tall wave, before the wife of benefit of Sa of flower of minister of foreign affairs, minister of ministry of social general affairs is held the position of in gules Cambodia period. Because its are considered as gules Cambodia period to have the woman of ascendancy most, first-lady of Cambodia of the red that be called.

As Yingdili gone, 5 core lead gules Cambodia philtrum, 3 people are sentenced finally, two people escaped legal punish.

Gules Cambodia was in office to what Kampuchea becomes between 1979 1975 party, in its 3 years of 8 months during ruling, kampuchea estimation has 400 thousand to die at to 3 million person famine, penal servitude, disease or persecute etc be not normal reason. 1997, kampuchea establishs committee of adjudgement red Cambodia, card government and U.N. came to an agreement 2003 the special court that establishs adjudgement red Cambodia. In time of 12 years, this one court sued the core leader of 5 gules Cambodia that

include Yingdili inside early or late, the Qiao Sen Pan that holds the post of national chairman immediately, when hold the post of chairman of National People's Congress farming wither, when hold the post of a Foreign Minister Yingsali, with holding the post of warden Kang Ke in time by.

Current, kang Ke by, bridge Pan Sen and farming wither to was mixed 2013 respectively because turn over homicide of human blame, war blame, plot beforehand to wait,was sentenced 2014 life imprisonment, yingsali died 2013 before be tried.

Yingdili was arrested 2007. According to the lawsuit that check just mentioned 2010, she is accused to turn over human blame, killing blame, and plan, directive, harmonious, give orders to carry out large-scale clean.

But 2012, the court expresses, because Yingdili suffers from,go up early old sex is gawkish disease, the court is maintained, the accused is not had in the future in what can foreknow accept ability of front courtyard careful, accordingly, adjudication gives to its release, but its until judicatory is in to supervise all the time before dying under.

Before this, yingdili denies all to his guilty accusation all the time, she expresses, it is to her accusation 100 percent wrong, she serves in the interest that is people all the time.

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