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NASA refutes " minor planet bumps into the earth " say: Hundred years inside impossible

Login register NASA of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to refute " minor planet bumps into the earth " say: Hundred years inside impossible origin: ? Comfort?2015-08-23 10:1 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

Reference news net will report bay intermediary says on August 23, american spaceflight bureau (NASA) expose the will bump to the earth in next month about an asteroid does not have a basis rumor that circulates on the net.

According to " Australian person signs up for " the website will report on August 21, be in the name is to do not have minor planet in the statement of minatory earth, the wrong view that spaceflight bureau refuted an asteroid that circulates in great quantities in gregarious website and network of late will arrive 28 days to bump to the earth on September 15.

The rumor says, evidence makes clear will happen to bump around Puerto Rico in that paragraph of time, can mix to the United States at the appointed time Mexican Atlantic and bay are coastal and in South America causes serious destruction. Statement says.

This is the rumor that virus type spreads, and it is a fact below, qiaodasi says Paul of controller of project of observation of celestial bodies of NASA close ground, the view that there are minor planet or other celestial bodies to want to bump into the earth in that paragraph of time does not have scientific basis at all, do not have even a bit evidence.

The asteroid that does not have our place observation in the future that can foreknow or comet can bump the earth, NASA says, the odds that henceforth the foregone has risk possibly asteroid in 100 years bumps the earth is less than 0.01% .

Rusty NASA still says: This is not the does not have a basis rumor that appears to will bump the earth about celestial body for the first time. And unfortunate is, this also won't be the last time. This is a network it seems that go up all the year round a since popular groundless allegation.

Statement says, do not have now foregone and authentic bump menace, last only and hurtless shooting star falls, these small celestial or heavenly body are met in atmosphere burn oneself out.

Data chart: The earth

In report will occupy new network on August 20 outside intermediary report, to the genetic problem of earthly life, the outside is having a lot of kinds of views all the time, among them, life traceable comet or minor planet also exists all the time to the view of the earth that bump. Recently, a new research provided support to this one theory.

Comet bumps into the earth or achieve a condition for life origin.

Japanese scientist expresses, they prove through the experiment inchoate comet bumped the earth to become amino acerbity change peptide probably, built a base for the earliest life form on the earth. It is reported, this discovery can explain the origin of the life on the earth not only, whether can still exist to the life on other heavenly body probably generation influence.

The 3 villages of the doctor of Jian Yuanchun dish that Japanese ocean studies to develop an orgnaization and university of name ancient house are agrarian one doctor, a geochemistry that held in Czech Prague recently introduces their this one discovery on the conference. They fall in microtherm environment, to amino acid, Shui Bing and silicon (magnesian olivine) freezing mixture undertook striking a test.

Be based on relevant test data, history of investigator estimation world is inchoate the peptide that bumps generation by comet, think with previous scientist the peptide amount that produces by common and geological process comparatives.

Jianyuan spring dish expresses, this one discovery makes clear, in taking the seed of life inchoate tellurian course, comet strikes main effect. This returns open additionally a few possibility, namely we can see similar chemical evolution procedure on the other planet beyond the earth, they only then the peptide that brings at comet.

As we have learned, on the earth foregone the earliest fossil is formed at about 3.5 billion years before, evidence shows biology activity is in earlier before had happened. But also evidence makes clear, inchoate earth does not have water almost apparently, carbolic radical element is very few also. So, is these life form build element how to appear quickly in the earth apparently?

The scientist returns a suggestion, similar procedure also may have occurred in the other place of solar system.

In addition, this one period just meets later period weighs bomb period again (Late Heavy Bombardment) , so the answer of clearly may be comet and asteroid to the earth bump, because these days body contains a lot ofmoisture, also contain a lot ofcarbolic radical element.

Intermediary says outside, the space that is aimed at comet is explored also confirming this one possibility in the help. 2004, astral dirt date (Stardust) is collecting Wylde 2 comet (amino acid discovered when the dust grain of Comet Wild 2) . 2005, the deepness of NASA bumps date (Deep Impact) is in bump Tanpuer when a comet, discover comet interior is put in organic mixture and argillaceous grain.

About life a genetic theory thinks, argillaceous grain had the effect of activator, let simple organic element can form more and more complex structure.

Still circling flying 67P/ Hunan to leave Mo Fu at present - the detector of Luo Sai tower of comet also makes clear Gelaximenke, comet is to contain a lot ofa variety of material, during prospective task still can have more discovery probably.

Comet is bumped eradicate photograph companion greatly with tellurian biology normally, but this considers to make clear, they or a big help gave when whole life is born at first. Jianyuan spring dish says, the generation of peptide short cable length is the crucial step in evolution of complex element chemistry. Once this process is started, longer peptide is made in water environment of the earth the energy that catenary place requires is about small much.

These scientists return a suggestion, the similar procedure that start also may have occurred in the other place of solar system, for instance ice pledges satellitic wood is defended 2 with satellite of Saturn 2 on, because they experienced similar comet bomb procedure probably.

The intermediary outside the report will weigh reference news net on December 15, minor planet bumps earthly possibility to exist from beginning to end. Asteroid 65 million years ago bumps the species that brings about on dinosaur and earth 75 % to eradicate. Repeat to avert tragedy, american spaceflight bureau (NASA) rolled out minor planet to challenge an item greatly, try to shift to an earlier date to discovery has minatory asteroid and take step.

According to Spain " the world signs up for " will report on December 14, on Feburary 15, 2013, the aerolite accident that a diameter amounts to 17 meters falls the Yabinsike in the car that is in Russia city, cause about 1000 people to get hurt, belongings loss is close 40 million dollar. The scientist points out, challenge an item greatly through minor planet, can decide the likelihood creates the position of minatory asteroid to the earth ahead of schedule, try to make its deviate established moving orbit.

However, become aware to be about to fall to the aerolite without anybody in Russia churchyard, do not have time more scattered people. Gusen of this project controller Kaisile accepted Spain in Madrid recently " the world signs up for " when interviewing, point out, our attention was centrally that day on asteroid of another close ground (2012 DA14) . Unfortunate is, the moving contrail of that aerolite and sun are same, so we can discover it in time far from.

What the scientist can affirm is the incident that this is mutual independence two. Kaisile points out, we hundred ground is affirmative, incident of elegant Bin Sike is without correlation in asteroid of 2012 DA14 close ground and car, their orbit differs very far.

The report says, minor planet is challenged greatly is a project that American spaceflight bureau rolled out in June 2013, meaning the wisdom in scientist of gather whole world, astronomical lover, enterprise, orgnaization and Everyman and collaboration, hit earthly lay a course to did not answer minor planet.

Kaisile points out, so that the exploration that goes up through the technology changes the moving course of close ground asteroid this is possible issue, but it is however one complex with costly job, and need a long time. Although monitoring the astronomer of close ground comet and asteroid momently people did not discover any danger at present, but American spaceflight bureau and European spaceflight bureau are this already ready-made.

Rolling out this one project is not for sensational. Kaisile emphasizes, aim at ruined mankind civilization and doing not have which asteroid come, I most a problem that often is asked about is, whether does the earth lie among danger. I can reply gladly: Without. Up to now in the tremendous asteroid that we discover, can be in without which moving orbit future constitutes menace to the earth inside 100 years.

However, academia of the astronomy before Kaisile also admits eye still does not have what decide all asteroid of these big build completely to run course, still have a few otherer a few smaller minor planet, once they fall in a certain place of the earth its destroy force same very tall. The diameter that we had discovered 95 % is in the asteroid of 1 kilometer above, mathematical mode tells us, they exist really. We affirmed the celestial bodies of this kind of size of 5 % ruins earthly life likely, but we do not know they are in. Kaisile says.

In addition, still near 1 million diameters are less than 30 meters asteroid to also have not determine the position, the bulk of these planets the serious offence falls that one aerolite in the Yabinsike in the car. Kaisile says, they whether destroy a town, this should see them fall likely where. The job of our part should find their moving path namely, so that estimation gives them after all,have how old menace.

The report says, although minor planet bumps into the earth to be not the thing of extremely urgent it seems that, but also do not eliminate possibility. A celestial bodies causes an effect to the earth likely, but our frequency that bumps the earth according to the asteroid that is different measurement and mode, have in ours unripe year appear unlikelily enough the appearance that large celestial body bumps the earth and creates monstrous disaster. Kaisile admits, all sorts of possibility and scientific estimation generate complex idea likely, and scientific interface faces the situation that understands to people explanation hard.

For instance, the minor planet diameter that brings about dinosaur to eradicate is 10 kilometers, appear according to estimating the asteroid of such size 100 million years every. And if be 20 meters of diameters, be similar to the asteroid of that aerolite size of the Yabinsike in the car, the time that strikes the earth possibly is every centenary. Kaisile says. That asteroid that brought about a Gu Si to explode greatly 1908 appeared every 1000.

One of purposes that the asteroid that Kaisile leads challenges an item greatly are the speed of the asteroid that accelerates fixed position to have potential menace, although this is the first pace of this project, but also be the most difficult one situation. We discover about 1000 asteroid every year, but the plan should expand now search for, achieve annual 10 thousand speed. For this, we need the new astronomy binoculars that is used technically at finishing this job. Kaisile says.

Volume is the more large be seen more easily, still have a few otherer volume is minorrer, discover very hard from the earth. In this respect, astronomy lover can give big help for us. Kaisile says. For this, have the aid of of American spaceflight bureau new innovation technology, use 3D printer to abstain astronomy binoculars for instance. In addition, still prepared a few economically award, in adding this item in order to encourage astronomy lover.

Once discover close ground asteroid, next work even if be tracked and affirm its to run course, see it whether can cause menace to the earth. The volume that still must know it in addition and form. Kaisile points out, we hope those who accomplish is, be discovered in succession as a few asteroid that have potential menace, we can discover the asteroid with those larger volume ahead of schedule, so that in advance takes step, reduce the menace to the earth through changing its to run orbital way.

So, if how discovered the asteroid with a larger volume that flies toward the earth should do now? Kaisile says, want to decide according to a lot of elements. Include to be apart from it to arrive at the earth to return remnant how many time, and bulk arrives why to be planted greatly degree, composition is formed by what etc.

If time is not much, fleeing for one's life is only alternative. If we discovered to be able to bump to earthly planet inside two years, answer method best to issue warning immediately namely, had made all preparation of scattered people. Kaisile says.

He points out, if leave our time to still have a few years, for instance 5 years, optional answers way actually not much also, because we spend time plan, research and executive space mission even. Inside this paragraph of time, the most feasible method is to send missile or airship of aerospace of emissive high speed probably, with barge against of close ground asteroid, change its course. Missile is done not have necessary destroy this planet, because the fragment also is met,cause menace to the earth. Best method bumps namely go up, but cannot destroy it. Kaisile says.

But if we discover is,one exceeds big asteroid, and still have time of 20 years, we plan with respect to OK and easy ground and execute the mission. We think to pass gravitational tractor, the quality that perhaps relies on the aerospace airship near minor planet makes its deviate orbit. Do not need to move minor planet to be apart from too much, want shift of in a way only, we can make its deviate orbit, constitute menace to the earth no longer. Kaisile says.

The asteroid of Introduction Kaisile challenges a project to be able to 't help making a person remember the movie 1998 greatly " favorable opposition of heaven and earth bumps " . What this film tells about is the scene that the tremendous comet of 11 kilometers is about to hit a diameter to the earth, its might enough destroys human civilization. The basis of Hollywood film is these rock state celestial bodies the tremendous menace to the earth, and in American spaceflight bureau, the scientists that Kaisile leads also are spreading out clasp with movie industry.

Minor planet challenges an item greatly is American spaceflight bureau merely astral great ambition plans each dedicated Yu Xiaohang a medium. Minor planet not only constitute menace to the earth, pass them to still can get a lot of valuable information, understand the origin of solar system thereby. A few enterprises are extracting from minor planet in research the feasibility of raw material.

Kaisile points out, to me character, the part with this the most exciting project is, we are solving the problem of all species on an influence earth hard. Find the asteroid that constitutes menace to the earth, this is the thing that everybody cares. We do not have necessary only trustful expert. Minor planet challenges the effort that the project is everybody of a gather greatly, answer the project of collective danger. But, the people was not necessary to feel afraid for this. Because of character of place of bureau of spaceflight of United States of no less than: Because they plan without aerospace,dinosaur is eradicated is. (compile / Wang Meng)

(2014-12-15 17:55:43)

In new network report will report 31 days according to Russian intermediary on October 31, fulajimierlubunuofu showed controller of project of network of whole world of binoculars of robot of Russia scientist, Russia a few days ago, once the earth and aerolite produce collision,did not come, europe is destroyed completely likely.

Ruble Nuo husband expresses, future has likely giant the danger that the aerolite falls, its bulk is early before 20 times what drop into aerolite of Che Liya Bin Sike, minor planet will be labelled potential risk.

If celestial body can drop into bulk enough in big water, for instance the sea, will cause severe seismic sea wave so, destroy coastal city, if drop into nuclear power plant, will browbeat so whole Europe.

Ruble Nuo husband returns an explanation to say, say when to can produce danger to return premature now, the scientist observed spherical moves, discover and the orbit of minor planet is changing ceaselessly. Because this guards estimation, in future collision will not happen inside two years.

(2014-10-31 17:00:27)

Xinhua net Washington on September 15 report (reporter Lin Xiaochun) Martin of long Paul of examine of chief inspector of American spaceflight bureau publishs audit 15 days to report, efficiency of project of celestial bodies of close ground of critical spaceflight bureau is low. The report points out, the advancement that press item is exhibited, this project cannot be finished located target of spherical of close ground of 90 % danger 2020.

According to the requirement of United States Congress, american spaceflight bureau established project of close ground celestial bodies 2005, the target is the diameter that finds 90 % to 2020 the 140 meters of above, close ground that from earthly periphery less than of 45 million kilometer passes by is little celestial body, include minor planet, comet and large fragment, the odds that bumps the earth thereby by nearly small celestial body falls lowest.

Man of horse of long Paul of examine of chief inspector of American spaceflight bureau publishs audit of this 44 pages in 15 days say in the report, although found small celestial body of 11 thousand many close ground since 1998, but the about 10 % that American spaceflight bureau estimates to this holds sum total only. According to existing plan and resource, american spaceflight bureau won't achieve the goal of this kind of spherical that found 90 % 2020.

The report points out, existence of project of close ground celestial bodies is harmonious and insufficient with problem of administrative not to be pooh-poohed, lack supervise and specific plan target. In addition personnel is insufficient also, headquarters of American spaceflight bureau has a person to manage project of close ground celestial bodies only, the minor planet center that is located in city of equestrian Sa Zhu Sai and the jet propulsion lab that are located in California city have 6 employee to pursue relevant job only respectively.

In capital respect, since 1998, american spaceflight bureau already studied in close ground celestial bodies the respect cost about 100 million dollar, go 5 years, budget of project of close ground celestial bodies was to increase 10 times more, from 2009 money year 4 million dollar raises 2014 money year 40 million dollar.

Put the issue that be in in the light of project of

close ground celestial bodies, the report puts forward civilian a certain number of proposals, if the department of defense and international associate strengthen collaboration to wait,include as other as American home orgnaization.

American spaceflight bureau expresses, project of new close ground celestial bodies plans will at coming on stage before September 1, 2015.

The risk that minor planet bumps into the earth is theoretic exist really. About 65 million years ago, occupying a letter is an asteroid bumps the earth to bring about dinosaur ruined. Feburary 2013, an aerolite that the diameter makes an appointment with 18 meters is elegant in Russia car Bin Sike in the sky explode, cause on 1000 people to get hurt. Newest report estimates, similar aerolite explosion incident may arrive 30 every years 40 years to be able to happen

, but great majority in the sky happens in ocean, is not populous area.

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