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Flower is royal hair statement informed " dog young team " : ? Does Na invade bag of glair of eddy ⊥ ankle?

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Williams prince is very rusty recently, because George of 2 years old is small prince is close paragraph of number one that group of young of each country dog had made since time annoy a target to go to this England to film of kingship the 3rd arrange a heir, a few press photographers are expedited even same year young the child will entice tall to treat pleasure ground.

Palace is in the Kenxindu that Williams prince couple is in 14 days local time the long letter that one issued to send media group on official website, express in the letter, nearly a few months come, their son George prince is getting more and more ado, and the method that these dog young teams use is more and more dangerous also, they hope to inform international media not to want again the picture that print sends these to film without allowing.

The tall that is cherished by Williams prince treats young prince

Insurgent news ( see, write so in statement: The purpose of this letter is to wake up the public to film to be below the circumstance without accredit of children take seriously, the money that we hope those employ cameraman pat the person of children photograph to be able to realise them better secretly is abet what kind of behavior, caused how old worry to a boy of two years old.

In fact, mass media of England rejected these photographs relatively self-consciously, but statement expresses, germany, France, Australia, New Zealand and United States still have one fraction medium the photograph that George publishs below the case that still was not being accepted, and the behavior of those dog young teams is complete also cross the border.

From inside the letter enumerated of dog young team all sorts of chasing intercept look, the picture that these media leave young prince to pat also it may be said is to go all out

Team of young having a dog pats Princess Kate and George prince to be in private park secretly with telephoto lens for many times the phot

ograph of amuse oneself, somebody hides in the covert near princely couple abode to undertake stealing patting, return somebody the car of an illicit home of home of prince of drive car angle.

Even cameraman uses other children to attract tall to treat the attention of young prince, make him walk along pleasure ground to undertake filming.

Palace is in Kenxindu 8 charges in an indictment that state the Communist Party of China listed these dog youngs, weigh them it is very dangerous to take kind secretly and anguish making a person.

Insurgent news sees, this statement is by the news secretary of Cantabrigian duke Jiesenkenai blessing (Jason Knauf) draft, the fine that Williams prince couple still alluded to serve as parents in the letter suffers from the intention.

They know almost the picture that all parents like to share the child, williams prince couple also is such. But they also know very well, any parents can object, object stranger filming without allowing especially the photograph of their child. Believe every parents can understand, after the photograph is published, the sort of deep uneasiness when they just know to they are dogged at that time and monitor.

According to British BBC press, happened to cause the incident that Williams prince couple perplexes together recently. Last week, a cameraman is by police discovery outside the park of amuse oneself of George young prince, hide to undertake monitor and be pattinged secretly in the mothball box of car of a hire.

Personage of ministry know the inside story discloses inside the royal family, williams prince is very depressed to this, he expresses to hope to be able to protect his son and wife, think the history should not repeat, and the death that the history that here says is maternal Princess Diane that points to him namely.

It is reported, williams is princely all the time since be certain Princess Diane died unfortunately in traffic accident 1997 is by the dog young team that is in Paris chase intercept cause.

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