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Research says summer looks horror piece or can reduce weight: 12 minutes can use up 22 kilocalorie

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to consider to say summer looks horror piece or can reduce weight: 1Can 2 minutes use up: of 22 kilocalorie origin? Comfort?2015-08-13 09:5 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel

Stage intermediary says, summer looks horror piece hair of back letting a person is cool, probably very disappear heat, also have the effect that reduce weight at the same time.

According to Taiwan Dong Senxin hears cloud website to will report on August 12, the person that have Japanese telegraphic job pats horror oneself piece, look for 12 people to view and admire, measure the calorie that they use up at the same time. Result course of study person claim the people looks horror piece use up 20 thousand 2 more than 1000 calorie on average, be equal to the effect that walks 6 minutes. The reporter asks domestic doctor, state this is possible really, because the heartbeat is quickened, metabolization is fast, the calorie that use up is met really than ever even much.

Experimental film " Calorie Movie " the style is weird. (graph / is taken from YouTube)

The report says, japanese telegraphic course of study person experimental film " Calorie Movie " in, go vacationing to remote mountains to Japanese young woman student expeditionary, did not think of happy atmosphere instant inflection, sweet hotel becomes suddenly weird, there is ghastly Japanese baby on corridor, there still is weird mysterious ceremony in the room of the corner.

This paragraph of film of 12 minutes, it is Japanese telegraphic course of study actually person filmed horrible short, course of study person look for 12 people to watch, measure the quantity of heat that use up, experimental result shows, suffer the person that measure to use up 20 thousand 2050 calorie on average, the adult that is equivalent to 60 kilograms with minutely the rate that takes 80 meters walks up 6 minutes.

See horror piece can you reduce weight really? The report says, england also has similar research actually. University of temple of London Xi Min ever did a test, broadcast Jing Song piece, the oxygen that measures an audience at the same time is absorbed, still have carbon dioxide discharge capacity, discover heart jump is sharp awesomely, hectic capacity is more also, with piece 90 minutes long for, the quantity of heat that use up is equal walk half hours, research group is aimed at calendar year horror even piece make seniority.

The report says, head of a list of names po

sted up was 1980 Jiekenikexun acts the leading role " ghost inn " (The Shining) , can use up 184 calorie, it is Jing Song film next " become known shark " (Jaws) and " old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest " (The Exorcist) .

Just look solely piece can reduce weight, have so simple? The doctor says possible really. The stage installs Xu Zhengdian of director of hospital spirit division to express, seeing horror piece when, feeling of cerebrum Xuan face is being circled how to go all the time Zuo avoids, of cerebrum run, metabolization also comes quickly even than ever, when coming more, the calorie of quantity of heat that uses up of course will be more. The heartbeat is quickened, whe

n blood pressure heighten, sympathetic is more excited, the calorie that use up is met than ever even much.

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