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14 years old of schoolboys hold England thorn teacher sentences the knife 11 years to be suspected of the colour bar

The intermediary outside occupying reports, 14 years old of schoolboys that England is in institute of Dick Sen Jinsi of Buladefude to be read, because oppose knife do violence to teacher of take over a class for an absent teacher, it is after do violence on gregarious website vaunting, be sentenced 11 years of imprisonment.

This year on June 11, this schoolboy stabbed horse of Wu Zun of teacher of take over a class for an absent teacher on classroom. Local court learns in front courtyard careful, have clear evidence proof, mr. Wuzunma receives the consideration that raid, because he is a black,be.

The court sentences this schoolboy gross imprisonment of 11 years of lengthen, include prison serve a sentence and executing the sentence outside of jail of 5 years 6 years.

This schoolboy is admitted to hurting the person's accusation in cold blood, but denying his is intended killing. He arrives in prison serve a sentence likely when the half, can obtain bail.

When the accident, this schoolboy teachs the Wuzunma of the class abusively with utterance of the colour bar above all, the gastric ministry of the horse of Wu Zun of hutch knife

straight thrust that reachs the school from domestic inner tube with him subsequently.

Accuse a chief summer general to say, had discussed to want to start work with a friend before this schoolboy accident, and after the event returns mawkish on gregarious website land boast his act that injure a person.

Accuse a chief summer general to express, 7 weeks when this schoolboy teachs in Wuzunma in, become early to this teacher assess do not like.

He says: The accused person does not like him, say him won't lecture, and take discrimination word easily point to this teacher only. This schoolboy is before the accident before long, still describe this teacher angrily with these words.

On the west superintendent says the Atejinsen of York county police: This case is extremely severe, and astonishing. Be atttacked in the working course that the individual is pursueing him have deep love for unexpectedly, causing more serious consequence also is the very lucky in misfortune.

He says: This schoolboy of executive attack is indifferent to the ground to leave the scene after the accident, he is without the meaning of compunction to the victim, and return undertake boasting on gregarious network, times feeling worries about your person.

After accusing a chief summer general to walk out of a court, express, horse of victim black assist can be condonable the person that carries out attack to him, make a person touch really.

He says, although Wuzunma is in this c

ase,body and mind gets massive harm, whether is future returned can return dais returns unknown, and bear the assist that the person with convict acquaintance nods on the net even, but he chooses condonable the other side unexpectedly, really marvelous.

After institute of Dick Sen Jinsi releases statement to condemn this to have crime subsequently, state the family to Wuzunma and him proceed is helped.


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