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Chinese book woman is naked the doubt inside shower room of hotel of dead Japan lover kills

According to Japan joint company website reports, controlled 3:55 9 days afternoon local ti

me, the staff member of hotel of a lover is in Bai Ziding of city of deer of bell

of Japanese ternary county discover one woman head bleeds inside guest room fall down, call the police then. This woman is sent cure cure, at 10 days of before dawn declare dies.

Say according to police, it is the dead's Su Wei of 38 years old to be Chinese book, address and profession are unspecified. Outside removing the head, its are facial also have the mark that beats up. Police already established case group in bell deer police station as murder.

The monitoring probe of hotel took the public figure that enters together with this woman, prefectural police thinks this person fastens an insider, intensifying a lock deciding its capacity.

The nude when the woman is discovered bends over. According to the analysis, the time that its register is 9 days afternoon at 2 o'clock half around.

This woman discovers when the staff member after the room expends settle accounts enters a room to sweep. The clothing and other articles of daily use that has a woman takes inside guest room, but did not find purse and identity document.


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