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Mexico irruptive crowd extends one lorry out of control 20 people die 36 people are injured

Xinhua net Mexico city electric Mexico is mid on July 29 the city produces Sakatekasi 29 days lorry of out of control is irruptive the incident of the cro

wd, cause 20 people death, 36 people to get hurt at least.

According to local media coverage, that day towards evening 19 when the left and right sides, er of skin of city horse Sa presses down Sakateka

si to holding activity of a religion, the pilgrim team of about 200 people is moving toward the cathedral that presses down a center. Right now, a lorry loses control suddenly, irruptive pilgrim crowd. The process is here medium, the truck still hit many berth to be in roadside or the car that are normal travel.

After accident happening, local police, civilian prevent, the sectional clerk such as arrange of traffic, wholesome, procuratorial work and responsible religion general affairs hurries to the spot, have the job after accident reason investigation is genial. Cause trouble driver already escaped the spot, police is in raid this driver.

Aisijiweier of equestrian Sa Pi Erzhen's alcalde says, get hurt masses already by urgent the hospital that sends near.


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