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Outside intermediary: ? Capture spits Zi of summer of hack Yao  to owe dream? to appeal its " hug " homosexual

Local time on July 25, 2015, the Luo Bi inside Kenya, kenyada sets Kenya president Wu Hulu Aobama of president of United States of state banquet welcome. Aobama and domestic person attend late dinner jointly. The intermediary outside occupying reports, american president Aobama at place. . .

2015-07-27 09:42 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Address of Jin Zhengen congress appears twice " greeting China people who volunteer to fight in another country "

According to Korea central news agency reports 26 days, top leader Jin Zhengen is in Korea 25 days the 4th times the address is published on countrywide veteran congress, to Korea people army martyr and martyr of Chinese people people who volunteer to fight in another country express great respect. 26 days of reports say Han couplet company, gold. . .

2015-07-27 09:34 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Syrian president emphasizes eliminating terroristic it is appraise first job

Heart of Sa of A of Er of Syrian president Ba Sha addresses 26 days in appraise capital Damascus, emphasizing the first job with current Syria is to eliminate terroristic, criticise western country is treated with double standard terroristic. Ba Sha Er is become. . .

2015-07-27 09:25 origin: ? Salary  ?
The sister sees a ball discover one woman and lover flirt give scrip

to give its husband hint

 This woman and husband watch baseball in American Atlanta city the match. The husband watchs the game wholeheartedly, she is the person of nancy to send a short message to the name in communication collection however. A pair of sisters after this one act is sat to be in are sent. . .

2015-07-27 09:24 origin: ? Quiet Huan felt?
Philippine fisherman tows away Chinese mark buoy is contained near yellow cliff island (graph)

Philippine official shows 26 days, phenanthrene fisherman discovered the buoy that contains Chinese number aroun

d yellow cliff island, pull them returned be located in Lock of Massine of Manila northwest town, give local coast posse. Philippine fisherman pulls buoy. . .

2015-07-27 09:21 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Video of picture of spot of explosion of Somalia China embassy sends at least 13 people to die

Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency reports, on July 26, the car bomb that happens in Somalia capital blasts, cause death of at least 12 people, tens of people are injured. Explosive happening is outside China and the hotel that Egypt embassy is in. This is. . .

2015-07-27 09:13 origin: ? ㄍ of discharge  felt?
Foreign nationality worker mistreats a rape to be forced to change religious belief by American employer

 Reports of 24 days of a full length investigation show American media, go to what the foreign nationality worker that the United States works suffers American employer to mistreat with H-2 visa in great quantities, include salary of embezzle part of what should be issued, circle to ban, beat up, minatory, rape and force a worker to change religion. . .

2015-07-27 09:11 origin: ? ┗  north?
Spy of economy of FBI accuse China is the United States is faced with the biggest menace

 By a fire of China case of of derivative United States great economy spy. Open American FBI website, a film about Chinese economy spy held the 1/4 of whole webpage. This minister. . .

2015-07-27 09:09 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Pakistan name writes down experience several times to assassinate take ballproof car to go to work

Hamidemier of 49 years old is the father of two children, also be a well-known journalist that works in Pakistan GEO TV station. But the life that Mill describes him to be in Pakistan resembles escaped criminal same, he never tells. . .

2015-07-27 09:09 origin: ? Blame Nao?
One hotel produces Somalia capital explosion diplomat of a China is hurt again rescue

Latest news: Reporter of Xinhua News Agency says Chinese embassy staff fastens serious injury, hospital cure. Before this outside intermediary says to diplomat of a China dies in explosion. Before message: Flower intermediary says, majiadisha sends Somalia capital outside one domestic public house. . .

2015-07-27 09:07 origin: ? Comfort cangue  ⑼ ?
Which cock in henroost hits first cry Japanese scientist: Press sort of position in the family hierarchy

Japanese scientist considers to discover, the cock is hit cry to also explain position in the family hierarchy, have a meal like one everybody person, elder does not move a chopstick, junior is to cannot leave those who eat. The scientist considers to discover in the past, the cock is hit crying is by its immanent biology. . .

2015-07-27 09:07 origin: ? Contraction act  ?
One hotel produces Somalia capital explosion 1 China diplomat is hurt again (site plan)

Somalia capital Ma Jiadi produces intense car bomb to explode dene, at least 13 people die, 40 more than person is injured

2015-07-27 08:38 origin: ? Nobeliun common depend on?
A small-sized plane of Japanese falls Tokyo civilian causes 3 people death curtilage

Local time on July 26 morning, japanese Tokyo, a small-sized plane falls to move cloth city to Tokyo civilian curtilage, airframe damaged is serious. Tokyo alarm inspect hall to express, on machine 2 males and civilian curtilage a female resident in all 3 people die.
Japan enters air temperature of intense heat of summer to climb litre of violent storm to sweep across much ground successively

According to day intermediary report, card of billow of the 11st typhoon passes through 17 days this month this year Japanese Shikoku area, arrived at ridge hill in the morning that day near city of prefectural storehouse apply, land Japan again. Current, the typhoon already brought about this country 2 people die 1 person is broken. . .

2015-07-26 16:20 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
American first-lady announces 2015 los angeles Teaohui kicks off formally

Special Olympic Games of los angeles world was in 25 days late 2015 stadium of los angeles souvenir kicks off formally. American first-lady Mixieeraobama is opposite in the spot special the Olympic Games arouses say: You are not had with a kind of others. . .

2015-07-26 16:19 origin: ? Salary  ?
One female undergraduate abandons Russia learn to cause netizen heat to discuss when colourful star

Russia media reports 25 days, the female undergraduate with an outstanding achievement abandons college of Muscovite international relation suddenly learn, the news that emigrant foreign country makes a colourful star causes netizen heat to discuss.
To turn over of bus of travel of island of Thailand general auspicious 17 China tourist gets hurt

Today midday 12 when the left and right sides, city of Thailand general auspicious produces accident of travel bus to turn over one case, according to local police message, tourist of on the car 17 China gets hurt, among them 1 person is weighed, do not have dead report at present, the person that hurt already sent cure cure entirely. China is stationed in Thailand. . .

2015-07-26 16:12 origin: ? Zi?
Crude key point of copy of machinery of mount of 80 years old of old people shuts England the eye also can look so that see

An old person with bad eyesight accepted England recently operation, he wears a pair to contain now photograph the glasses that resembles a head, and photograph can pass wireless technology and the electrode communication that are buried on retina like the head, send radial message optic nerve, the help sees clear thing. . .

2015-07-26 14:22 origin: ? Salary  ?
Picture of video of civilian house spot already sent one small-sized prang of Japanese 3 people die

A small-sized plane of Japanese, fall to move cloth city in Tokyo 26 morning civilian curtilage area, cause 3 people death, 5 civilian curtilage on fire. The accident was controlled at 11 o'clock local time, the Saisina of a 5 seats is small-sized plane from the machine that move cloth. . .

2015-07-26 13:38 origin: ? Does nobeliun Song Lang imprint ⒅ travel hill?
Jin Zhengen addresses: Greet to martyr of Chinese people people who volunteer to fight in another country (graph)

Occupy the company in face 26 days to report, korea addresses the 4th times on veteran congress, to Korea people army martyr and martyr of Chinese people people who volunteer to fight in another country express great respect. Jin Zhengen delivers a performance. . .

2015-07-26 12:51 origin: ? Salary  ?


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