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Hocking takes the lead Russia businessman opens up endowment 100 million dollars search an extraterrestrial

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Famous businessman Youlimierna and Hocking of British physicist Si Difen are in Russia 20 days local time London holds a press conference to express, two people invest the new proposal that is evidence of life of the star outside searching 100 million dollar.

On July 20, hocking and Milner hold a news briefing, the new plan of life of the star outside announcing they are searched.

According to BBC report, this the name is breakthrough listen respectfully (the project of The Breakthrough Listen) , will by Urey of entrepreneur of Russia Silicon Valley Milner sum is contributive. The report says, life of the wisdom outside this ground seeks the operation, also will be human history on the the most authoritative, most comprehensive search with the most thorough science, aim to discover the evidence of the life outside any ground.

This action has the kind that carries scanning universe searching for, last a period of time 10 years, will expend 100 million dollars.

The report says, search for this will adopt radio and optical technology, in include whole galaxy to reach its undertake searching inside the limits of 100 around galaxy. Scientists will be annual observation reachs his from galaxy planet the signal that hundreds circumjacent galaxy sends.

The starting ceremonially that in London royal science learns says Hocking: In infinite boundless and indistinct universe, constant presence is worn the life of other form is in certain place of the universe, probably outside astral life is staring at us to look.

This year is plan of exploration of the civilization outside the ground (SETI) be born 55 years, the tenet of the plan is the evidence that sheds life of the wisdom outside seeking the ground through sending the radio signal of an area. In recent years the plan encounters difficulty in financing respect. The item is main agency may be forced for lack of capital to stop. Milner and suddenly gold decision are project infuse new vitality, put forward a breakthrough to listen attentively to new proposal.

Hocking says, our exploration does not have even if if really and eventually, will be an interesting scientific research experiment eventually, be worth to carry out. It can prove this universe is medium not merely we are one, return the limits that can narrow we seek an extraterrestrial apparently.

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