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The scientist blocks open waters to discover heavy boat of absolute war period in American north

The intermediary outside occupying reports, oceangrapher went to sea a few days ago the equipment that the nautical fathom outside blocking Luo Laina city to north looks for lose before, be in zone of Atlantic graveyard field however depth of water is in near one mile, discover the heavy boat of iron chain of a carry, red brick and vitreous bottle accidentally.

According to the report, du Ke university, north blocks Luo Laina city to establish university and Russia to strap ridge university scientist 17 days announce this discovery, state these article show this boat may come from the United States absolute war period or at the beginning of 19 centuries.

This heavy boat discovers with sonar, american country ocean and bureau of large tracheal put in order (NOAA) will try to identify the identity of this mysterious ship, including this is which country and the ship of which moment.

NOAA marine bequest plans archaeologist to say, in a mile of of briny iciness many deep sea

floor, make heavy ship location is saved good, was not

allowed why to be disturbed.

Heavy ship location is close to a bay to flow, and bay shedding is the popular channel that heads for haven of North America, Caribbean and South-American each district. Marine bequest plans director Dejiaduo to say, north blocks Luo Laina open waters to a lot of ships sink in the rainstorm, but depth of water and marine environment make the heavy boat of discovery very few.

He says, the heavy boat off shore of new discovery is farther, sea floor is deeper also, and he thinks this boat is probable is warship of merchantman and rather than.

He says, these are many and 1000 plan shipping, extending to the west in the United States while, with force very powerful means brought up American history, and the understanding that studies this ship may deepen these pair of voyages.


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