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Vietnam lumber wealthy businessman is familial in the home murderer of the larynx that be cut did not take away the finance affairs inside villa 6

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t done not have 6 take away: of origin of the finance affairs inside villa? Salary  ?2015-07-11 13:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel [summary] report, at present police still cannot confirm murderer number, the murderer did not take away any finance affairs in villa.

Vietnam media reports 9 days, vietnam south makes the same score blessing province 7 days to produce bloody murder event, a rich trade that pursues lumber processing trade mouth and two 4 kin are killed bloodily in the home. The spot escapes after the murderer commits the crime.

Lumber trade house

According to Vietnam " the youth signs up for " website report, rich Shang Liwen of 48 years old is beautiful (transliteration) reach its wife, daughter of 20 years old and son of 15 years old, and two kin (part 18 years old to mix 14 years old) be killed in oneself villa. The young daughter with 18 big months of goosefoot article beauty has escaped to rob. Police says, fall victim average per capita by same kind lethal weapon cuts throat.

Report, the victim discovers when baby-sitter of Home Li Wenmei entered villatic preparation to begin the work at 7 o'clock in the morning that day, neighbour of her immediately call out, report a case to the security authorities to police.

Report, at present police still cannot confirm murderer number, the murderer did not take away any finance affairs in villa. Police already appealed clew of around dweller report.

Vietnam the Ministry of Public Security grows Chen Daguang 8 days to hurry to the spot to participate in investigation. Chen Daguang says t

o media: Preliminary investigation shows, this is to have aforethought murder case together.

Pace investigation concludes at the beginning of police, case hair time came 3:30 in 7 days of before dawn between 4 o'clock, police is in villa discovers 5 different dactylogram at least on two meters high fence.

Li Wenmei is place famous one of wealthy businessman, employ of his lumber processing factory restrains 100 employee, dimensions saves count as one of the best in smooth blessing.

At present police still cannot decide a murderer commit the crime motive.

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