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European Central Bank or buy Europe debt to answer in a large-scale Greek " random city " influence

Greek the whole people is common cast a result to already was decided, this country is constrictive policy with exchanging follow-up minister capital this one problem gave out not the answer. Taiwan " economic daily " the report will point out on July 6, european Central Bank (ECB) decision-making council will hold urgent meeting 6 days, if the decision manages to help to Greek urgent fluidity where (ELA) , and the market impact that how answers a likelihood to appear, will enter the arena in a large-scale when necessary average Europe debt.

The article is in fair before casting a result to have not give heat, the analysis says, if opposition wins out, the bonds of country of euro area periphery may fall greatly, what ECB should do

above all is to try to make the ELA gage of these countries does not cause heavy defeat, because this ECB certainly will wants a large number of average,other country bonds reachs similar debenture.

Next, ECB will face difficult choice, because Central Bank code may ask ECB suspends economic aid, but ECB must try to bypass code, otherwise Greek common people will have affliction talk, make Greek be forced to b

reak away from euro area.

This code still can bring about Greek banking to will be immersed in dangerous situation instantly. ECB code sets, the bank that has not gone bankrupt rightly provides urgent loan, and ECB very difficult dissemble is Greek the bank already went broke. Because of this ECB must careful processing ELA.

Article analysis says, if fair projecting a result is to hold with, ECB is very easy can proceed helps, enlarge ELA even. Because at present Greek banking makes an appointment with 1 billion euro only in all (add up to a RMB about 6.856 billion yuan) cash, because this is,hold with, 7 days also may not can open business, but can shorten the time of close down at least, or the drawing specified number that increases depositor is spent.

Nevertheless, although ECB wants to help Greek bank, flow also is painful, creditor's rights orgnaization may take Cyprus pattern, bank loan and depositor must assume partial loss to save oneself.


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