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South Africa discovers acknowledge of kind of life substance remains or change mankind species (graph)

Login register south Africa of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to discover acknowledge of kind of life substance remains or change mankind species (graph) origin: ? Heir Lian?2015-09-11 11:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel [summary] the scholar says, ancient mankind is near the discovery of debris, the change we are opposite the mankind first ancestor acknowledge, view.

People net integrated associated press, BBC will report question on September 11, in south Africa in the coffin pit in a grotto, researcher discovered 15 misshapen skeletal fossil recently, classics textual research is maintained belong to a new ancient mankind species. The scholar says, ancient mankind is near the discovery of debris, the change we are opposite the mankind first ancestor acknowledge, view.

Occupy the research report that is published on Elife magazine, before evidence shows these skeletal host are unripe capable to undertake ceremonial sex activity. This one species name Na Ledi's person (Homo Naledi sees figure above) , classify mankind (Homo) ; A be contemporary mankind. Accordingly, what Na Ledi's person can regard modern is near. The research group that discovers skeleton of these 15 cadaver still cannot conclude they live in what times, but the Berger that is in charge of this project is taught (Professor Lee Berger) think, they may be the person that lives in Africa 3 million years ago is belonged to (Genus Homo) a medium. He says

, can regard Na Ledi's person as the bridge between two sufficient primate and mankind.

Professor Sitelinjie of museum of London nature history thinks, this one discovery revealed the human evolution experiment of nature, a certain number of kind two sufficient clever long animals are in the person Africa is different the area lives at the same time developmental. Final, only among them of survival of the fittest of a course fall into disuse, developmental, became contemporary mankind finally, namely we.

The scientist was apart from Yaohanneisibao to discover the cadaver body fossil of these men and women and baby nearby in south Africa. That area has human cradle (Cradle Of Humankind) say. Make open astral hole in (Rising Star Cave) in cave, have a very long and narrow tunnel, the end is a large hole.

South Africa dimension this university (university of interpret gol

den hill, university Of The Witwatersrand) researcher is procumbent after passing a tunnel, a large number of skeletal fossil discovered in large hole. Those who make a person fab is, has the human first ancestor 3 million years ago had bury of the person that die consuetudinary? If not be, that why this 10 come can the incomplete involuntary discharge of urine of a life be in same be discovered in hole?

Fossil shows, what Na Ledi's person follows to discover in Africa before is primitive kind of person species distinction is clear: Volume of mind of Na Ledi's person is very minor, the head that follows gorilla is about the same, the pelvis and shoulder blade are very small also. Their hand resembles the hand of modern, but finger resembling is simian bend euqally. But, because the rate of coronal appearance evolution of Na Ledi's person is higher,follow pithecanthrope, the tooth is relatively lesser, the leg is longer, sufficient body looks to resemble the foot of modern, because this accept Le Di's person is brought into,modern is in kind belong to. Na Ledi's person mixed south Africa contemporary with primitive feature, this enough makes scholastic experts ponder over the mankind afresh the definition of this concept.

Scholar of a few archaeology thinks, le Di of south Africa accept's person should be called hominid, another some of scholar is withheld somewhat to this; This touchs the essential sex problem in species evolution theory. Nevertheless, a consensus that in recent years the academia forms is, about the mankind developmental academic need is examined afresh, evaluate, the developmental Shihe of oneself's because contemporary mankind is right other and near history place knows too little, touch only fur. (Laoren)

(Original title: Archaeologist: Na Ledi's person or for the mankind near)

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