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Expert of American foreign citizen of Chinese origin is accused to steal when studying abroad, say closely to render service to repay kindness the motherland becomes evidence of a crime

Login register expert of foreign citizen of Chinese origin of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be accused to steal when studying abroad, say closely to render service to repay kindness does the motherland become: of origin of evidence of a crime? This ┏ collate?2015-10-05 15:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel [summary] American government has to its description " misdirect sex " and " not complete " , multinomial to him accusation is put in controversy

Expert of beautiful foreign citizen of Chinese origin is accused to steal commercial secret

Help Chinese government study abroad by accusation render service to repay kindness in application one word becomes the motherland evidence of a crime

American confederative inquisitor and FBI official announce 1 day to accuse expert of businessman of foreign citizen of Chinese origin, chemical industry trade of filch of yellow stannum article is secret, seek profit for its individual and the enterprise that are in China. Huang Xiwen's lawyer says, american government has misdirect sex to Huang Xiwen's description and not complete, put in controversy to his multinomial accusation. Judicial document shows, after when Huang Xiwen is applying for to go to the United States to study abroad ten years ago, expressing to hope to acquire an adv

anced technique, go back to the motherland render service to repay kindness the motherland, become check to just maintain yellow Xi Wenzao to have the reason of guilty motive actually.

Huang Xiwen is 55 years old, chemical engineer, entered Yalabama 1998 city abstruse department of this university chemistry engineering assiduously studies a doctor's degree, hind naturalization United States, resident north blocks Luo Laina city city of Xia Luo spy.

Involve technology of gasoline tank of car of for military use

Acting federal inquisitor says, the governmental orgnaization that American government, army and technology of private enterprise research and development ever were in a few after Huang Xiwen learns and company work, much trade secret brings back meantime filch China, for him oneself and someone else seek profit.

Check just accuses Huang Xiwen came to was in the United States 2008 2004 the filch when research organization of a government works is many intellectual property, incorporate the technology related to gasoline tank of car of for military use.

Check just says, after this of yellow stannum article holds a post in enterprise of an United States, meantime filch many 500 confidential document, contain as confidential as the commerce related 30 kinds of products information; Came 2012 2014, industry of Yu Xialuo of Huang Xiwen hold post's particular another United States, latter points to identify Huang Xiwen filch many 100 file.

The document that check direction court submits shows, in March 2014, enterprise of this United States discovers Huang Xiwen's act and fire its. He returns China subsequently and take up the post of the senior administrator of an enterprise.

The lawyer points to misdirect of check side argument

According to WSCO TV station, " observer signs up for Charlotte " coverage of square media of and other places, the north that is located in

Charlotte blocks a city on the west area federal court holds a hearing 2 days, huang Xiwen admits to commit crime of spy of a commerce. This accusation is highest can be in fine with 250 thousand dollar with 10 years of imprisonment. The court adjudges choose an auspicious day.

Jiekesasiman is striving for Huang Xiwen's counsel for the defence ease prison term. Judicial document shows, argue just holds check square partial accusation is disloyal. 7 accusation that Sa Siman just already put forward to check put forward to object, among them one of it is to censure Huang Xiwen to the company that to make its are in is benefited and steal American technology. If the judge recognizes the position of counsel for the defence, the range of crime of experience of place of yellow stannum article will be greatly narrow.

Sa Siman says, american government has misdirect sex to Huang Xiwen's description and not complete. This is not the case that the foreigner comes to the United States to steal intellectual property and sells these data foreign government together, he says, come for years, dr. Huang is a faithfulness and the American citizen that gain success.

Evidence of a crime one

Study abroad render service to repay kindness in visa application the motherland

Check just says in judicial document, motive of crime of secret of trade of filch of yellow stannum article still includes to help Chinese government. It is to prove this one view it seems that, the press release that American judiciary website issues is in before listing crime of experience of place of yellow stannum article, take Huang Xiwen unexpectedly in those days application material of enter a school says a thing, cite say, huang Xiwen's dream is to learn more advanced technique to render service to repay kindness the motherland, he goes abroad is to realize this one dream, the technology that bringing new control later and research skill return China, teach in China. Just, chinese student studies abroad since these word it may be said are long-term the typical pattern plate of American application material, conventional phrases. If do not emphasize oneself learning to plan to go back to the motherland later, the purpose that did not stay in the United States, sign possibly by refus.

Evidence of a crime 2

The brigade of the article read a dream after going back to the motherland

Check just maintains Huang Xiwen an article that after the reason of real motive still comes from him to went back to the motherland 2014, writes. Check just is its interpreter " the brigade of oneiromancy " . The article writes: Came 16 years in the past, I dream to return China all the time, go achieving my ambition. To realize this one dream, I am in American nation research organization and world's biggest chemical company to had worked, a few small companies that also are in the United States had worked. My target is study, digest, accumulate, prepare to realize a dream accordingly, come nearly two years, I begin plan and arrangement, returned China finally this year, begin the brigade of the oneiromancy of myself.

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