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Boat of Turkey coast immigrant and accident of ferry barge against send 13 immigrant to die

According to the BBC (BBC)9 reports 20 days month, turkey coast posse confirms,

after the small boat that immigrant takes and ba

rge against of a ferry, at least 13 immigrant that include children inside die.

According to the report, incident striking a ship happens in Turkey haven near Qianakalai, the small boat that carried immigrant at that time is leaving for Greek Laisiwosi in insular road.

Be in additionally one case in the accident, greek coast posse says, also be in Laisiwosi near the island, a boat goes up to in all 26 immigrant miss, fear they have life security.

Meanwhile, by tens of thousands immigrant has crossed border in European south, entering Austria.

Turkey coast posse says, after receiving an information, had sent helicopter and 6 lifeboat to head for accident place.

(Original title: Boat of Turkey coast immigrant and ferry barge against emigrate 13 times die)


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