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Japanese netizen: How times all sorts of bad thing do below national unwitting circumstance

Japan installs the support of times cabinet to lead the near future to continue to glide, municipal pressure is shown rise continuously posture. Japan " daily news " 8 days of civilian attune that carry out to 9 days show as a result, install rate of times ministerial support to already dropped 32% , it is its since appearing on the stage the 2nd times in December 2012, support leads record low. In the meantime, its do not support rate rise to 49% . In addition, the people that has 57% objects weighing the report that open a nucleus.

Interesting is, japanese female people is led to installing times cabinet to support more not hopeful, it is only 26% . Install times original plan to will promote its to take female policy seriously to the the United Nations General Assembly again this year in September, repel and detest of female people, have acid interest extremely undoubtedly to bringing this one policy of times.

How times be the first unconstitutional act again and again

New security proposed law encounters nick in the consideration of congress senate. On August 11, the internal document that senatorial Xiaochi shakes Japanese Communist Party to show a doubt suddenly to defend for Japan the branch is formed by this year May, already had planned to arrive among them militia was in in Feburary 2016 schedule of peace keeping activity. The problem depends on, new security proposed law had be notted pass, maintain a standard because of Ying Xinan and this file shows from caption however is made, content is returned will militia and outside army collaboration is called army with army relation. The Gu Yuan in defensive chancellery expresses not to know to have this file at first, must admit this file exists really later.

Japanese media coverage says, this makes discuss the spot an in an uproar, the ministerialist that discusses the spot repeatedly also look at each other in speechless despair, hero of article of cropland of foreign minister bank admires day of groan: Ah (this is discussed today is) do no less than going to. Small pool assemblyman criterion angrily rebuke path, during security proposed law still is in congress to discuss, department of whose accredit defense is so dry? What resemble prewar military headquarters simply is arbitrary. Gu Yuan fumbles from beginning to end in, discuss be forced to interrupt.

Afore-mentioned internal documents call militia clearly army, your person remembers how times will go up in the conference that join a courtyard on March 20 ever the scene that a slip of the tongue calls militia my army. Japanese constitution the 9th the 2nd specific provision does not maintain etc of Liu Hai air force battle force, but actually, from how times arrive again to defensive province defensive system, regard militia as oneself already army.

Village of wood of scholar of Japanese youth constitution is careless too think, japanese constitution did not gift attributive of governmental military affairs; Say on legal principle, the defensive department that makes a file made a big mistake.

How times arrive by this year April at the beginning of May when visitting the United States, ceng Gong opens honest to the United States commitment, strive for this year the summer drives security proposed law to hold water, photograph official seal defends sectional criterion immediately in May the bottom makes this file. Visible, japanese constitution and congress legislation program are installed almost times built on stilts is to disregard even. This is installed just about times be the first unconstitutional, bring about defensive branch follow-up to disobey the evil consequence of political custom.

Japanese netizen opinion thinks, (this incident) let a person feel Japan lost the basis that regards law as the country; (bring times regime) in national fine long hair unwitting circumstance falls to doing various bad thing. Additionally the view thinks, militia interior file by exposure be related, the likelihood is to attack break down a good opportunity that brings times cabinet.

Not come singly but in pairs, 12 days, an UH60 helicopter is in American army Okinawa base of fine hand accept the maritime space outside 35 kilometers is trying drop when naval vessel the sea, the 7 people in on machine 17 people are injured, among them two the wounded are occupied saying is Japan what the group answers namely in the center of militia is special battle team member, belong to the pioneer in pioneer. Japanese media analysis says, japanese militia is doing associated drill with the U.S. Army it seems that at that time, executive likelihood is pair of maritime and doubtful ships topic of the examination that ascend a boat. But day beauty defends authorities all rejects to leak any material informations. If the circumstance is belonged to solid, course of this one drilling should be to contrast new security proposed law carries out, its property follows afore-mentioned file problem be exactly the same.

Premier is prevented before install times

Japanese political circles never has been reduced to bringing the criticism of times and pressure. Recently, the premier before 5 Japan such as You Jifu of hill of Zi of Xichuanhuxi, Haneda, Cunshanfufu, turtledove and Jian Zhi's person makes a statement respectively, the appeal is prevented install times, protect Japan.

Criticism installs Cunshanfufu times ignore popular will, act wilfully promote security bill, consequently unpardonable.

Haneda Zi says, not the highest concept that battle is constitution of the peace after Japanese World War II, created the peace of afterwar Japan and prosperity. Prohibit the constitution that Japan starts a war the 9th, it is Japan the peace that gives out to the world is enunciative, also be Japan to international society acceptance won't follow the same old disastrous road. It is OK that authority of defend oneself of collective of lift a ban means Japan arms of the clique outside Xiang Hai, must object stoutly consequently.

Xichuanhuxi appeals deserted security proposed law to say: If security proposed law is able to pass, break down with respect to what mean the creed that make statute, japan home interest will be damaged.

Install is turtledove hill hoped by Ji Fu times make wise decision, be in office guiding principle turns to construction peace country to come up from construction war country.

Villous themeda straight person says, install times deceased grandfather (the bank believes interpose) over the future of concept park country and countryman, footing of this kind of politics violates constitutional principle, lost the qualification that holds the position of democratic country prime minister thereby, must resign.

Wild ocean of river of prolocutor of former Japan Boule makes the same score 13 days to be in first gear TV program, did not allude in the speech that brings 6 days times to explode in commemorative Hiroshima nucleus 70 years without the nucleus 3 principles, and from civilian the problem such as the investigation that beauty of friend of rice field of chairman of party card attune drafts to initiate pair of Tokyo to rule offers sharp criticism. The river is wild say, how times cannot get countryman and reliance of place of near neighbour each country.

Russia gives how times mark staggering blow

Erupt centrally in municipal contradiction while, the foreign affair that brings times cabinet also appeared new difficult position.

Message of media of Russia of 13 days of quote weighs Japanese media, russian Vice Prime Minister holds full-fledged member of president of abbacy of far east federal concurrently to hold Er in the palm to ask Nie husband (sound) will visit north 4 islands (

Russia says south 1000 islands archipelago) medium Etorofu island, attend 12 days of complete Russia young people that hold over to 24 days to teach forum; Jeff of Wei of heart of Russian premier plum also is planning a visit over there, local media says to fall to come on the weekend likely; Will many 100 student and patriotic youth activist attend forum. The participant expresses, the hope knows the possibility of the prospective picture of Russia and far east development.

Japanese media says, the telephone call that already just made diplomatic level to this protests day. July the last ten-day of a month, russia just decided the extensive development to library page island plans, this forum more indication Russia just has enhance Russian youth patriotic heart, aggrandizement considers northward and domanial actual pilot. Install times political power to be in all the time chip seek drive day Russia territory in order to enlarge pair of Russia investment and economic collaboration to negotiate for lever. But, if home remedy aggrandizement is opposite Russia to be controlled domanially, so these plans will hit water to float. Russia depends on abreacting to day strong setting square to day because answer the dissatisfaction of Russia of punish of collective economy of Wu Kelan problem and beautiful Europe. Russian expert points out, russian leader visits Etorofu island, the purpose should use force namely, beat too complexion of rely on United States and do not build what concern to Russia to bring times government sincerely.

Japanese media still thinks, hero of article of cropland of bank of Japanese foreign minister plans formerly the last ten-day of a month will arrive in August visit of the first ten days of a month is Muscovite in September, it is general Beijing day explore way is sought inside year. If Jeff of plum heart Wei went really Etorofu island, so bilateral with respect to need proper time cools this problem, diplomacy of meantime day Russia will be immersed in halt again. Once day Russia stops a dialog, domanial problem negotiation also loses grasper. Jeff of plum heart Wei ever inspected northward territory 2010, the straight person of Japanese premier villous themeda at that time showed outcry, say this is the violence that cannot accept, day Russia concerns later hasten is cold.

Who is not to hope to bring times nonofficeholding person

At present to installing times for, the policy that its act wilfully is encountered continuously cold, diplomacy encounters major trouble again. 12 days, he returns old home of mountain pass county again, hope from long city energy of life of a bit person seeks over there the villager. That day, he leaves big talk in the boast when mountain pass county makes a speech, the hope is in September from election of civilian party president in again be reappointed consecutively, continue to September 2018 with will bringing times regime. He still says, should make have a clear conscience the outstanding achievement at ancestors. According to Japanese media coverage, since Ming Zhiwei is new 1868, the every other before this 50 years during, the person that all is one's previous experience of mountain pass county holds the position of premier, estimation is installed times do not think broken on him hand this is traditional.

13 days, how times be in next closing with madam Zhao Hui when city views firework plenary meeting, express: The hope adopts my economic policy, can resemble this firework same, promote Japanese economy ceaselessly, increase national income. Information of company of Japanese current affairs says, because of security proposed law, the supportive rate that brings times cabinet drops, the expression that brings times near future often very earnest, can calculate a bit easy manner today.

To this, criticism of Japanese folk opinion on public affairs says, big media this is to cooperating to install times respect be on the lookout; From the 2 rank cliques of civilian party 10 days take the lead in referring support to install times add to hold the post of party president recommendation letter, put in what take credit for someone else's achievements actively to disrelish on one hand, it is to be the first on the other hand for how to times suppress is oppugned within the party and object bringing the sound of times, but these more highlighted the anxiety sense that brings crisis of times pairs of political power.

Install the associate of a few grown-ups and children of times to also do not have at a loose end. Jing Liangzi of cherry of famous and right-wing politician recently get together personnel of all circles of many 300 Japan, assembly support is installed times wait with new security proposed law. Japanese someone says to this chaff, do not be willing to let bring times nonofficeholding person truly, remain those longing possibly now to rely on the building contractor that brings project of place of Olympic Games of Tokyo of encroach on of times political power. (Tokyo on A

ugust 14 report)


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