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Greek whole world sells insular repay a debt price of a lot of islands be less than 2 million euro

Greek whole world searchs new island advocate! Germany " the picture signs up for " express 5 days, according to euro area and Greek reach new support agreement, athens must auction the state-owned asset of 50 billion euro to hold water to spend fund demesne, borrow money in order to exchange the aid of the 3rd when euro area offers 86 billion euro. Now, athens leaves formally sell 150 among them state-owned islands.

Greek churchyard has amount to 6000 islands, distributing in Aegean and Aiaoniya maritime space. Among them, the largest islands area exceeds 3000 square kilometer, and the smallest can put down one Zhang Taiyang chair only. These islands have 598 to be Athenian government all, among them 150 will be sold. The report says, the islands that these will betray is current great majority lives without the person, but future can be developed for high-end travel project, or propose degree of false establishment oneself. Its area has to millions square metre from tens of 10 thousand square metre. Make public information to show, the price of Greek very much islands all did not exceed 2 million euro. And calculate by unit area, the downtown price with this more metropolitan than a lot of international price is low still.

Islands changes a project to face global investor demesne. Investor can buy islands, OK also hire islands 99 years, than general most 50 years lease grows. 2010 debt crisis in the begining, athenian government also put forward similar plan to sell an island. Islands is Greek one of most valuable state-owned asset, sell an island nevertheless millions of income, with Greek the liability phase of on one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two has not compared an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation. And German assemblyman ever also had been carried sell Athens to defend a city to come the idea of repay a debt, greek nevertheless law made clear limitation, the bequest of ancient Greek times, for instance famous Athens defends a city, never can sell.

Athens will allow tripartite operation through legislation public capital fund, and simplify the formalities of building, environment and area licence. Be in before this Greek purchase an island, often want to apply for permission of a few governments, ensure to the department of defense for instance safe element; It is department of Ministry of Agriculture, park next, the local permission that receives coming from islands seat even. Now, greek will simplify formalities. As to the visa of foreign investor, also will obtain preferential license, consider to invest emigrant form.

Besides state-owned islands, greek demesne islands also is at present in sacrifice, draw large quantities of one famous person. Strong Ni Depu of Hollywood giant star costs 4.2 million euro to buy below one to make an appointment with the unmanned isle of 0.2 kilometers on Aegean. Buladepite's couple is medium

Gaia island, allegedly over there water quality is admirable, offerred optimal condition for the aquatic

sports such as caique, deep-sea dive.

" the picture signs up for " express, greek the state-owned asset that selling is more than still these, 2500 branch line airport, dock, buildings, 2004 the place of Athenian Olympic Games, telegraphic company selling list go up. Germany, Russia, United States, China and middle east country buy the home, already prepared to collect bargain in succession.


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