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Does Australia of " of Chinese Miss " Miss Dong have his moment: ? ɡ Lang?0 10 thousand bay yuan return a bank

Login register Australia of " of China of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Miss " Miss Dong to have one's moment: ? ɡ Lang?0 10 thousand bay yuan return bank source: ? ?2015-07-

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Hangzhou of 26 years old Miss Dong studies abroad in Australia. She receives lunar copy on bank employee phone, say its Kaliduo goes out 200 thousand bay yuan (add up to a RMB about 930 thousand yuan) . At the beginning Miss Dong thinks encounter telegraphic bilk, many discovery of the one silver that check a net is true 200 thousand. She is decisive contact a bank, give remand.

This year Miss Dong of 26 years old is Hangzhou Linpin person, this year on Feburary 1, toward Australia Adelaide studies abroad before Miss Dong. In time of 4 of Australia many months, miss Dong very enjoy place quiet the life that follows a gender. Nevertheless, be in on June 30, miss Dong receives a telephone call, the life that 4 many months will come to calm was broken, also let her become everybody to contend for the star of photograph group photo in place of heart of A heart Lai, how is this to return a responsibility after all?

26 years old of Hangzhou that study abroad in Australia Miss Dong

Bank is Carrie much abrupter 200 thousand bay yuan I is this to come up against cheater?

Miss Dong tells a reporter 5 days, on June 30 afternoon two controlled at 3 o'clock, she is in place of heart of A heart Lai the part-time job in an inn is done receive silver, received one each suddenly to weigh the phone that is clerk of Australian countryman bank, on the card that the other side weighs Miss Dong many 200 thousand bay yuan (add up to) of 1 million RMB about, hope Miss Dong is checked.

My the first reaction is, won't this fellow be a cheater? Telegraphic before bilk is in foreign market is not small also, just come 4 months let me touch went up. Miss Dong says, receive this telephone call, oneself begin be life having a place, feel the other side is a cheater, the bank that should cover her for certain blocks date and password.

Miss Dong said the thing with the parents that is in Hangzhou subsequently, parents also feels this affirmation is a fraud, 1000 urge again and again 10 thousand enjoin: Daughter, must not tell the other side the password, do not turn Zhang!

Nevertheless, considering 200 thousand bay yuan not be brushstroke small amount, miss Dong still examined the bank on his net, result discovery, inside card actually much really 200 thousand bay yuan. Detail Zhang sheet shows, this money will be stocked on June 25, this ability lets her believe, oneself did not meet cheater.

Feel very happy at that time, because,not be Kaliduo 200 thousand bay yuan, however the thing of this kind of small probability can happen on my body really, feel very magical, very interesting. Miss Dong says, this money does not belong to him originally, also had not wanted to want to try to take what advantage, then decisive get in touch with the bank, final 200 thousand bay yuan returned to still giv

e a bank.

Because the system is wrong,the bank says to bring about Wu Long

After putting in cash exactly the amount 's charge to still give Australian countryman the bank in Miss Dong, bank respect expressed gratitude to Miss Dong, explain because bank system appeared,say mistake, just brought about this to remove a day to fall bay yuan Wu Long.

After be informed this matter, newspaper of place of heart of A heart Lai " The Advertiser " the reporter interviewed Miss Dong, be in on July 2 with most edition reported this matter, matched considerably photograph, this can let Miss Dong be in place fire one.

Before going abroad, the friend says for my fortune-telling, I am a very lucky person, the result is done not have in home how test and verify, went to abroad to still come up against the sky to drop the thing of money really, although this money is only in my bank account nice and warm be less than a week. Miss Dong jokingly, foreigner reporter still asks persistently with me, fortune-telling division is a what profession after all, can you see the carry sign of a person really? Still let me help him see him can touch superior thing, happy dead me.

After this thing happening, the life of Miss Dong also has different change, no matter be in the school or after school time is in,hold two or more posts concurrently, metropolis somebody identifies her.

I also am little famous energy of life now, classmate friends feel I am particularly lucky, contending for look for my group photo, everybody feels this thing is too magical, the security personnel that connects our school already know me, this kind of sense that should star is quite good still. Miss Dong is laughing to say, the person of group photo is too much, I say for fun in friend circle, money must be made if looking for my group photo again.

This Wu Long gives Miss Dong these days the life is flat added many pleasure, nevertheless life eventually can restore calm. Speak of the plan henceforth, miss Dong expresses, oneself like Australian life very much, when after graduation takes degree, should meet the consideration settles in Australia.

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