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"Sun power " 2 Lian Fei touch Hawaiian air man 118 hours to sit 5 days leg hemp

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " sun power " do 2 Lian Fei touch Hawaiian air man 118 hours to sit 5 days: of leg hemp origin? Qu Xian?2015-07-05 11:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel

the whole world of round-the-world flight is the greatest power of sun of solar energy plane 2, local time 3 days 5 when 51 minutes (Beijing time 3 days 23 when 51 minutes) the airport that descends in Honolulu of metropolis of American Hawaiian city. This plane is in 118 hours that fly to Honolulu from Japanese name ancient house created 3 worlds record in uninterrupted flight: The longest solar energy plane is the uninterrupted flight, longest single person pilots plane flight and flight of motivation of farthermost distance solar energy.

3 days, sun power arrives at Honolulu 2 numbers

Be in this to come from renown Gu Wu of Honolulu span in Pacific Ocean flight, swiss air man of 62 years old installs Delieboershibeige to drive alone plane flight makes an appointment wit

h 8200 kilometers, speek of a ship or plane makes an appointment with 70 kilometers on average hourly. As a result of successive 5 days hold sitting position all the time, rich Er uses Bei Geshuang leg already hemp, after landing, undertake by person specially assigned for a task leg ministry is massaged, 1 many hour hind can stand up eventually. As we have learned, because cockpit makes an appointment with 4 stere only, boershibeige can hold sitting position only, every time Morpheus time does not exceed 20 minutes, the instead when sleeping drives automatically

mode. To prevent sedentary cause thrombus, the medicaments of attenuant blood was taken during he flies, and exercise gem gal is mixed contemplative.

This plane will traverse next the United States, fly across Atlantic, classics to stop Africa, return start finally Abuzabi.

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