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England " ghost bridge " bring 600 dogs to jump bridge of person of bridge suicide place suffers a curse (graph)

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n " ghost bridge " bring 600 dogs to jump does bridge of person of bridge suicide place suffer a curse (graph) origin: ? Pay Wang?2015-06-29 19:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel

There is a famous ghost bridge in England, in a few years, already many 600 dog jumps the bridge commits suicide, local says this bridge sufferred a curse.

Ghost bridge brings 600 dogs to jump bridge suicide already had 50 to get killed only (graph) "

The Ouwodu of Scotland Dunbar Du Jun bridge history is long, 15 meters tall, hundreds dog jumps down below the circumstance that is without omen, already many 50 dog dies in here. There is a catchphrase on the bridge, the dog that gives you please fastens good chain.

Allegedly, suicidal dog is the long nose dog of olfactory delicacy mostly, they jump down from same place, and it is to be when weather is sunny more.

We just came out from the car, dog dog Kathy of 3 years old developed the bridge suddenly, it looked round, jump next jumped. We won't forget that grim one act forever. The master memory of Kathy says, fortunately, kathy escapes from death.

Religion and Wen Si of philosophical expert Europe say, two years ago, I ever stood on the bridge, I feel a powerful finger jab to go up in the body. Resemble somebody or what thing wants to push me next bridges go.

Local says this is a cursed bridge. 1994, english Kevin Mo Yi abandons his young son the bridge falls dead, he also tries to jump later the bridge commits suicide. Someone says the bridge around ghost of Bai Yi daughter appears and disappear.

But also having a kind of more scientific explanation is, there are a lot of minks below the bridge, they send out a powerful odour, may attract the dog of olfactory delicacy.

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