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France, Tunisia, Kuwait is encountered with day piece already sent 67 dead 250 much injuries

France, Tunisia, Kuwait is encountered with day piece

Already sent 67 dead 250 much injuries, IS is in charge of for two; Flower the man blocks bullet for fiancee, 4 guns are rescued in

26 days, france, Tunisia and Kuwait encounter horrible assault in succession, cause death of at least 67 people, 250 much people are injured. Extreme horror organizes Mohammedan country (IS) the two assault event that declares right in Tunisia and Kuwait happening is responsible, and of France fear raiding case backside also the sign that concealed shows IS. Wo Lun of spokesman of American the Pentagon says, concerned respect is being investigated, these 3 fearing raiding incident to happen in same day is coincidence still is passed beforehand harmonious.

Interlink fears raiding incident, go to Europe from North Africa, reach thalassic area again, over or across 3 continent, feel in your person astonish, bitterness and anger while, also ring noisy alarm bell to the world again, highlight current international to fear the grim situation that faces instead.

Tunisia gunman and tourist josh meaning are choosing assault target

Su Sai of Tunisia seaside city produces horrible assault. The person that kiss all previous says, terrorist multiplies rubber a light boat to be landed in beach, use a weapon to mow to the tourist on beach.

Witness memory, gunman hides the gun below sun umbrella at that time, disguise oneself as becomes a visitor, he the face brings a smile at that time, still opening fun with others, look with Everyman distinction of it doesn't matter. According to the view of this eyewitness, gunman is done so meaning choosing pop target. What he chooses basically is a tourist, include Englishman and French.

Sa Liya of woman of an England survival told about fiance to media shield of appropriative person pork saves Zhanmusi oneself the course of one life. Sa Liya says, face gunman, shield of reincarnate person pork blocks Zhanmusi before her body, be spearmanned to hit 4 guns. She says: If blood stream of his whole body is noted, he says to me, go quickly! Tell children, father loves them! After fearing been raid, sa Liya heads for accident beach to search Zhanmusi, but fiance sign still was not found after two hours. Final, she gets an announcement, zhanmusi already was sent toward the hospital to accept an operation, place favour maintained life.

Tunisia premier dust Germany says 27 days, this fear raiding incident to bring about 39 people death, 36 people to get hurt in all. IS makes a statement on gregarious website, announce to be in charge of to assaulting incident.

This also is Tunisia happens the 2nd case to fear raiding incident this year. On March 18, place's distinguished Ba Erdu museum organizes armed assault to hijack hostage by Mohammedan country, cause 23 people death to reach 40 much people to get hurt, casualty great majority is foreign tourist.

Kuwaitis the person when go to church is played detonate bomb

Aobeidi announces Kuwait sanitation chancellery 26 days late, be located in Sa of Kuwait city center to cover with tiles the Yi Ma of the area that compare Er looks Sa Dick mosque produced explosion that day, already caused 27 people death, 222 people are injured.

Conspicuous of benefit of Kuwait assemblyman Sa says, charger of type of a suicide takes the advantage of the bomb that mosque is slipped into when go to church midday and detonates him body to go up, wall of mosque much side and housetop are destroyed.

Look from the body of charger of this suicide type, he is a youth apparently, phone of by of Sa benefit conspicuous tells Reuter the reporter, he is controlled 20 years old it seems that, place of my saw with one's own eyes sees.

Kuwait makes a statement say, this is the horrible criminality of minatory state security, its purpose is to destroy national solidarity. Kuwait Home Office raises horrible and cautionary level, arouse all secure armed forces.

Media is commented, the first this is Kuwait happening suicide form that sends mosque in the light of assorted leaf assaults incident, also be the first horrible assault since January 2006. Afp report, profess especially dene inside the annals province, organization that is faithful to Mohammedan country alleges, its arm Abusulaimanmuwaxide started personnel this one assault.

Mohammedan country makes a statement in gregarious website say, the target that they assault is the mosque of the person that boycott. According to the view of Reuter, generation of the person that Buddhist nun of this one abdicate sends extreme organization to use boycott normally shows assorted leaf sends Moslem.

France inside year the 2nd fear raiding already arrested suspect wife

Local time 26 days morning, a charger carries an extreme to organize banner, drive car enters French emperor - ridge red - industrial district of farad dimension Ye plant of an industry gas, made massive explosion and fire, cause one person death, much person to get hurt. French police discovers the dead around the factory subsequently by behead, discover radical character.

French police already arrested a suspect and his wife, authorities believes incident may organize Mohammedan country to concern with the extreme. Police is arrested in investigation man, concern his information according to saying French information orgnaization already mastered, fear mechanism already launching investigation to this i

nstead. Interior minister Kazenafu says France, be arrested 35 years old the suspect does not have criminal record, but ever came 2006 during 2008 because of having radical tendency be observed closely by authorities.

This is the 2nd when happen inside French half an year great fear raiding incident. This year in January, mock magazine " the weekly that check put in order " the headquarters that is in Paris is encountered piece, 12 people get killed, 3 gunman are at large killing hostage is returned in the process, make be murdered number rises for 17 people. 3 gunman are shot dead finally by police.

□ makes known his position

Security Council sends statement to condemn

U.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen makes a

statement 26 days through the spokesman, strong condemnation happened in the horror of Tunisia, Kuwait and France to assault incident that day. U.N. Security Council also published media statement that day, condemn afore-mentioned assault strongly, the person that emphasize must carrying out assault try sb.

Leader of European each country includes prime minister of Mokeer of premier of French president Aolangde, Germany, England Cameron is equal the violence of condemnation terrorist, and oath general solidarity, cope with terroristic calamity jointly.

□ analysis

IS or launch more assault

Aideluoyisi of chairman of committee of diplomacy of American congregation parliament says, 3 assault incident indicates the menace of a Mohammedan country had arisen outside excessive effect, its activity no longer Iraq of bureau be confined to and Syria, future is in middle east area, Europe and United States, appear possibly new horrible assault.

A place of strategic importance of Paul of assistant director of institute of middle east problem that headquarters is located in American Washington straps Mu to think, mohammedan country may not launch more assault, they make assault event through network and proponent of gregarious media agitate.

In addition, analytic personage thinks, a series of horror of 26 day happening assault an activity, also may be Mohammedan country the retaliation that suffers a defeat on battlefield to the near future. (Xin Huazhong is new)

Responsibility edits: Zhu Huie


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