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Problem of French the university entrance exam shows English petition of examinee of rare statement Cope With cancels to should inscribe plan cent

Login register problem of the university entrance exam of France of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to show English does petition of examinee of rare statement Cope With cancel to should inscribe: of plan cent origin? ?2015-06-24 13:5 of bank ⑹ northEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel [summary] person giving a title was used " Cope With " (answer) word group, the exam thinks too " rare "

The unified exam of say graduation of French high school that having French the university entrance exam is in ground of like a raging fire to undertake, a English exam inscribes the attention that drew many Frenches recently, the reason depends on, many examinee think this examination questions used rare vocabulary when setting an issue, it is too difficult to create a theme, consequently Ministry of Education of petitionary requirement France cancels the plan cent of this examination questions.

Section of this examination questions is chosen from British fictionist Yi Enmai overcomes You En work " condonable " , the novel is adapted the film, showed 2007.

It is reported, this examination questions that gets dispute fully is belonged to read understanding title. Section of this examination questions chooses British fictionist Yi Enmai to overcome You En work " condonable " medium part is paragraphic, the content that requirement examinee basis reads answers two questions, among them how is the 2nd question accused guilty character is to answer this kind of circumstance in the novel? , be this is set ask caused doubt, because give a title,the person used Copewith (to answer) word group.

Petitionary initiator thinks, this one phrase is too rare, the candidate for an entrance examination with English only first-rate level just is met witting the meaning of this one phrase, it is too difficult to create this theme thereby, make most examinee cannot reply.

After memorial is given out 19 days through Internet late from local time, in the time that is less than 24 hours, had gotten the signature of nearly 9000 examinee supports.

Nevertheless, meanwhile, also a few examinee and educational group public figure express, unified exam of graduation of French high school can have a few difficulty every year relative to taller examination questions, these titles can help the school and teacher know the student's level better, thereby preferred undertake admitting, accordingly, not was necessary to cancel partial examinee to think to spend the plan cent of bad examination paper. Still French netizen judges exposition and argumentation, the university entran

ce exam does not know Coping, write a remonstrant letter to return misprint tissue, did not lose face.

New Hua Wangchang of special subject character

From guard open France to welcome English

This year in March, in the French week activity that holds in Paris, peilelan expresses happy Er of Fu of French culture minister publicly, france should not be fear of denizen again, the firm condition that breaks the past is self-given, face up to and thank the 100 thousand new vocabularies that English offers for French generosity.

Go up century end, accompany those who follow a network to gain ground with American culture inbreak in a large-scale, english becomes a kind of popular fashion. Below the crisis, french government came on stage 1994 famous " bitter fleabane law " , regulation of proclaimed in writing is in all advertisement, job and commercial place, must uniform use French. Transgressor can be fined punishment not only, the can face jail even disaster with serious clue.

Teaching systematic interior, " bitter fleabane law " forbidden college use English gives lessons (visit scholar and) of English class except. Nationalism of so called language is in of system of French higher education grow in intensity, mirrorred French to guard the bigotry of language policy.

However, internet times put an end to the bounds of district, the confluence that also is a language provided unprecedented free space, those who be placed before the French, it is a big English new vocabulary will raid, this among them science and technology, commerce, catchword holds majority.

Besides counteractive and ab extra vocabulary, let a French feel another kind of weak trend is, english is affecting way of their conversation, thinking in ground of exert a subtle influence on. Below s

uch setting, peilelan represents French government frank and sincere welcome foreign language each supplies what the other needs, this kind knows the attitude that show perhaps instead can make the fine drug that solves a problem.

French the university entrance exam:

Philosophy is to study subject surely

The formal name of French the university entrance exam is unified exam of high school graduation, was born 1808, include common exam, technology exam and professional examination now. Because French university does not set special matriculation, the student can apply for an university by right of unified exam achievement, it and Chinese the university entrance exam are consequently same, graduation of since high school takes an exam, also be one of a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success of higher education.

The 3 large categories of French the university entrance exam are installed according to high school type. It is early before graduation of junior high school, french school can hold the parent to meet, enter next one phase study to compare notes with respect to the student. If the pupil studies result too poor or the motivation that the teacher thinks its lack continues to read or endowment, quit average high school with respect to conference proposal student and parent, choose technical high school or professional high school. This is helpful for developing obtain employment mastery of a skill or technique at an early date not only, and can reduce the expenditure with society and needless family.

Consequently, the general in French the university entrance exam takes an examination of ability is exam of higher education introduction, cent is 3 divisions: Economic society, literature and science. Take an examination of course to have 4 surely: Philosophy, foreign language 1, historical geography, foreign language 2 or area language.

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