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Director of American spaceflight bureau: Put in 51 areas but without the extraterrestrial

American spaceflight bureau (Boerdeng was in Director NASA) Charles a few days ago express on first gear famous TV program, the 51 areas that research extraterrestrial uses in fokelore are existence. Do not have in this research center nevertheless any outside astral life or outside astral technology.

According to Spain " Abbe surpasses a newspaper " the website will report on June 22, bo Erdeng is heated up in famous TV

program in express, put in 51 areas really, but its action is not what imagine like a lot of people in that way. I ever had been to to be called the place of 51 areas, but over there it is one uses the very common place that pursues job of research and d

evelopment. I never see biology of the star outside passing or aerospace airship in center of this research and development. I believe to be able to have in that way fokelore, because this dispute that center of research and development pursues often has the aviation of secret touch to consider,be.


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