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Toxic incident sends Indian false wine 84 people die 30 people still are in rescue

Japan " produce classics news " the report will say on June 20, indian Bombay produces wine of especially big holiday toxic incident. The message that comes from local police says, end 20 days, the accident has caused 84 people death, still 30 people accept treatment in the hospital.

It is reported, in India, the case that causes death because of the cheap wine of drinkable and illegal brew is common, can cause tens of person death every year, mix in Indian the

eastpart part especially the south. Because India is very few,this is somebody can can afford legal tiff, the wine that law of and rather than makes brewery make is very cheap however. This is brought about build wine illegally to be in India is very rampant. And this false wine is toxic incident is India comes nearly 10 years most serious.

The analysis thinks, more and more Indian poor excessive drinking, butcher of wagoner of truckman, manpower, small business is inferior the main consumption group of wine and false wine. They want to drink again, drink the alcoholic drink that does not have normal hotel to sell again, then false wine dealer people the false wine that inferior wine and pure alcohol tick o

ff add has the market very much in the poor. Be in early 2004, world Health Organization ever was warned say, false wine is one of main reasons that Indian youth man dies, a lot of people die at the complication that the terminal liver cancer that causes because of alcoholism and blindness cause.

Additional, false wine exists for a long time in India, still have the reason of political circles corruption. Police of a few places execute the law the branch is ceaseless dealer of collection false wine people bribery, and a few politician also with act evilly in collusion with of false wine dealer, from which easy gains, cause a government to be in how many some hold back from taking action against sb for fear of injuring others when hitting false wine. (reporter Yu Peng flies)


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