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Gunman of American white man raids black cathedral to send 9 dead suspects to be arrested Aobama makes known his position

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Local time 17 days of evening, cathedral of Luo Laina city gets stuck to produce pop event south the United States, the spot causes death of at least 9 people, still come out for a time have bomb menace. Police already was locked up decide suspect of male of a white man to chasing after arrest.

Police block spot

On June 17, people pauses in American Charles city happening is comforted each other after cathedral pop case.

Accident place, origin: BBC

The report

says, this cathedral is the church of denomination of the Methodism that be not descendants with American the oldest south, by south Clementa Pinckney of personage of city councilman the Democratic Party is in charge of Kaluolaina. Eyewitness says, the pop when the accident person be without omen ground to walk into cathedral to shoot to the crowd next directly.

Latest news:

Washington of China News Service on June 18 Aobama of president of electric United States local time 18 days south block case of bloody pop of Luo Laina city to make known one's position, society of appeal United States is known and solve firearms force problem.

Card collect comes to accept city Charles to pause south the black cathedral with a long history produces pop record 17 days late, cause 9 people to die. Lu Fu of white man suspect (Dylann Roof)18 day is in space accident ground in the morning 250 miles of far north block Xie Er of Luo Laina city to be arrested than city. American judiciary

already announced to will be opposite investigation of crime of animosity of open of case of this one pop.

Aobama published an address in the White House that day, express aching, sadness and anger with respect to this pop case. He says, a lot of community had experienced too much and similar tragedy. Above all, innocent person is killed to because somebody can get firearms easily,be, the United States must admit, so large-scale violent crime did not happen in other developed country, the force of other place is so frequent without the United States also, the United States should take action with respect to firearms force.

He still expresses, this pop case happens in old black church, this lets people remember the dark one page on American history likewise, this is not black cathedral is atttacked for the first time, about phyletic the animosity with belief brings special menace to American democracy.

Aobama appeals people solves firearms force problem, but accuse a gun to have controversy extremely in American society. Since Aobama takes office as a president, the United States already produced great pop record for many times, include administrative division of division of health Nie surname among them Sangdihu overcomes elementary school case of especially big 2012 pop, this case causes 20 schoolchild and 6 teachers death, after this government ever drove congress to pass control marksmanship file newly, the hope strengthens the setting that buy a gun to check, because have gun force stand in the way, legislation is immersed in backwater. (Reporter Zhang Wei like that)

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