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Rank of cost of global city life releases Beijing Shanghai to rise Tokyo drops

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orts 17 days, beautiful age of well-known advisory company seeks advice from the whole world (the rank of cost of city life of year whole world that Mercer) announces shows, often be lived with the whole world by alien coronal cost is highest the Tokyo of urban special honour drops before giving pop chart 10, because its Central Plains is one year yen went weak relative to the dollar in the past. And the RMB goes strong to make Chinese city, if the rank of Beijing Shanghai rises.

This year is beautiful world releases pop chart of cost of global city life the 21st year. In investigation, this company to even more the price of Wu of kimono of 200 kinds of commodity undertook comparative, considered international standard to live the hire cost of place. These commodity and service include to import staple food, hamburger and movie ticket to wait.

Investigation shows, this year, tokyo slides from the 7th of pop chart reach the 11st, and this city ever still held the 3rd position 2013. To this one circumstance, beautiful world points out, exchange rate wave motion lets the order of seats of pop chart produced very big change 2015. Beautiful world seeks advice from division to also point out, exchange rate wave motion always is met very big to ranking generation impact, but the influence this year is outstanding all the more.

The report points out, the investigation of beautiful world regards fiducial city as new York when work out pop chart. Stem from this reason, money of a kind of home products is opposite the dollar is go strong or walk along soft meeting to produce very big effect to the rank.

Yen and euro already went soft considerably relative to dollar and RMB. In addition, the Switzerland at the beginning of this year is unexpected after abolishing exchange rate upper limit, the exchange rate of Swiss franc already also went strong. Accordingly, su Li world and Geneva rise in pop chart in pairs, advanced 5 two seat are held in the name. Swiss capital Bai Erni glides one reachs the 9th. The RMB goes strong to also make Chinese city rose on average 18.

Angola capital Luo Anda still occupies the first place on sheet of a list of names posted up, its reason is, a lot of commodity that beautiful world company thinks in investigation are bought very hard in this city, and the living cost of this city resides head of a list of names posted up high also. In Luoanda, a jeans wants 247.53 dollars, it is new York the 4 times above of congener commodity price.

On sheet of this a list of names posted up, american city rose on average 36. New York rank did not change, still be the 16th,

still also be the American city with life highest cost. After close therewith is los angeles, the rank is jumped from the 62nd litre reach the 36th.

London still resides the 12nd on this pop chart, this greatly the chummage that end rises ceaselessly at its. Nevertheless, buy a cup of coffee to want be to one's profit than be in Chinese Hong Kong in London it seems that, a cup of coffee of London wants 3.83 dollars, hong Kong wants 7.8 dollars. In addition, the chummage of Hong Kong still is divided the most expensive beyond Luoanda.


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