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"Base " confirming 2 characters die in air attack ever was to pull ascend a secretary (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " base " is confirming 2 characters die in air attack ever to pull ascend a secretary (graph) origin: ? This ┏ collate?2015-06-17 10:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel [summary] " base " branch of constituent Arabia peninsula affirms 16 days, nasaier Wuhaixi of this organization head gets killed in U.S. Army air attack.

Base organizes Arabia peninsula branch 16 days to affirm, sea of fierce of Er of contest of pay of this organization head hopes to get killed in U.S. Army air attack. Arabia peninsula branch is base the organization is current most active branch, wu Haixi gets killed or become concussion to base group weaving.

Base confirms 2 characters get killed

2 characters

Network of news of Ameri

can cable television is some earlier the word report of official of moment cite Yemen, u.S. Army in Yemen the eastpart part 12 days area of Ha Dela wool launchs unmanned aircraft air attack, wu Haixi dies in air attack.

Base organizes Arabia peninsula branch to pass date of its government Zhang to make a statement later on, confirm Wuhaixi and two base personnel are in man-machine is not had in the United States that is a target with them die in air attack. Wu Haixi organizes interior to hold significant position in base, it is the head of Arabia peninsula branch not only, and 2 characters that are base organization, more the successor that is considered as base to organize head Ai Man to plunge into Waxili.

Er of the heart in Bruce of the analyst before American CIA thinks, of Wu Haixi can give base organization to bring leader layer crisis probably to death, but they (Wuhaixi) thought and viewpoint had circulated, their dead unexpectedlying flavour is worn the problem is solved at this point.

Pull ascend a trusted follower

Sea of fierce of offer contest Er hopes to was born in Yemen south shellfish to amount to a province 1976. 1998, wu Haixi headed for Afghanistan to join base to organize. Before the United States scored Afghanistan 2001, wu Haixi holds the position of the secretary of base head Benladeng all the time.

2001, wu Haixi escapes Afghanistan, be seized by Iranian respect after. Iran turns over him Yemen after two years. 2006, the member that 23 base that include Wuhaixi inside are organized is in Yemen capital Sa that escape from prison.

After this, wu Haixi produces mainer and mainer effect inside base organization. 2009, wu Haixi incorporated base organizes the branch in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, base holds water to organize Arabia peninsula branch in Yemen south, assault citizen of government, legionary, foreign country and foreign diplomatic and consular missions for many times in Yemen churchyard, engineer carry out the assault that is aimed at western country mainland.

Wu Haixi appears publicly recently is 2014 base organizes meeting that holds in Yemen. Base organizes the video presentation that announce, the assault target that fierce sea hopes to emphasize base organizing on the meeting is the United States.

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