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Jiebu Bush announces formally to enter American general election or become Home Bush the 3rd president

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to Jiebu Bush announces formally to enter American general election or become Home Bush: of source of the 3rd president? Salary  ?2015-06-16 08:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel [summary] before Florida state governor Jiebu Bush 15 days announce formally to attend 2016 American president general election.

Xinhua net dispatch: Before Florida state governor Jiebubushen 15 days announce formally to attend 2

016 American president general election.

The younger brother of the bey before American Florida city, small Bush: Jiebubushen 15 days announce formally to attend 2016 American president general election

This is Bush familial president of the 3rd United States participates a person, but small Bush of old Bush and elder brother did not attend father. I won't inspect all of course, I can enter into an election contest attentively. Newest in civilian attune, outstanding cloth with 42.4% small 47.6% of a Hillary of backward the Democratic Party.

Will report on June 15 according to Reuter website, the ability after Jiebubushen obtains republic party to nominate next year only is obtained likely breath, and come from likely least of all place his potential competitor Hillary overcomes Lin Du.

With the person with close relationship of assorted of outstanding cloth cloth, if Jiebubushen and Hillary one definitely relative superiority or inferiority, the domestic background that this may let Jiebubushen is heat problem no longer.

As a result of the political setting of Hillary oneself, including to ever held the position of Secretary of State and husband is before president, the father that Hillary lends Jiebubushen and elder brother assail Jiebubushen is likely draw fire against oneself.

If Hillary borrows Jiebubushen's father or elder brother to censure Jiebubushen, he can borrow Aobama or compare Er (Clinton) censure Hillary, florida city go about selling an idea person, say of advisory John "Mac" Stipanovich.

Below the sort of circumstance, whether is American politics descendent will be the problem on mesa no longer, cloth assorted exhaustion and Clinton are fatigue mutual and will quits. Constituency must choose in two people.

But the person that is close to Jiebubushen emphasizes, at present dedicated at with Hillary one definitely relative superiority or inferiority returns premature. Jiebubushen is comparing the pitch on at the beginning of the candidate of republic party president with more intense expect to show itself above all. Primary election of candidate of republic party president may have ten candidate, the likelihood after travel is very long is entered to just can appear in primary election season the person that apparent getting runs.

According to Singapore " associated morning paper " website report, if outstanding cloth can with one action is triumphant

, he will become 25 years to come the 3rd Bush's president, small Bush of the assorted of father old cloth that before two are him respectively and elder brother.

According to coverage of China Daily network, on June 14, the outstanding cloth that is 62 years old accepts network of news of American cable television (CNN) when program of national condition report is interviewed, express, after he thinks to announce to participate, he will be in a more favorable position, can be the same as republic party camp inside other enter into an election contest the person is broken away from come.

I think, become a president to enter into an election contest I am OK after the person more publicize oneself forthrightly be in office political view, outstanding cloth says, listen attentively to with partial on the way, the candidate that learns on the way is different, my general is offerred can replace active viatic more to choose, accordingly I can formulate more specific administration policy.

Outstanding cloth is inspected all the time republic within the party the most popular, most the president that hopeful wins out enters into an election contest person. Nevertheless, the time that he represents modestly still him need expenses is certain and energy talent are omitted show congested republican party to enter into an election contest show itself in person a group of people of same interest. End 14 days, already 10 republic partisanses announce to attend 2016 presidential election. The people just makes a choice after primary election enters end normally. Outstanding cloth says, he hopes he can be obtained all the way slow but steady progress.

Outstanding cloth rejects to divulge enter into an election contest about its politic specific details, but the president that if want to become a success,he admits enters into an election contest person, he will must the elder brother small Bush oneself and him distinguishs come. Outstanding cloth and George are different, outstanding cloth is outstanding cloth, he has a different life story. Outstanding cloth says, in my life experience, be full of defeat to also be full of a success already. An experience life that I miss to this is lack of presidential election place, person that is moved to teach by life place.

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