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Thailand suffers consumer to chase after like excrement coffee hold cup of quantity little sheet in both hands 81.6 yuan

Login register Thailand of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to suffer consumer to chase after like excrement coffee hold cup of quantity little sheet in both hands: of 81.6 yuan of origin? Be not Nao?2015-06-12 09:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

According to England " daily Post " will report on June 10, the costly public house that Thailand Qing Dynasty fills the tower that bring offer to draw scene district sells reeky coffee elephantine excrement to the tourist, this kind of tailor-made coffee beans passes those who be as long as 17 hours to ferment back row goes out in elephant enteron, carrying the mixture scent of a caramel and chocolate, give a tourist unique costly experience. But price of this kind of coffee does not poor, price of a cup of coffee is 8.5 pound (add up to 81.6 RMBs) about.

Resemble excrement coffee

Bulaikedingjin of 44 years old (Blake Dinkin) is black ivory coffee (the author of Black Ivory Coffee) , original he is used from inside linsang excrement and urine elaborate choose gives coffee beans to make the most expensive coffee drink on the world-----Feline excrement coffee ('kopi Luwak) . But as include Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam inside southeast Asia area increases to demand of feline excrement coffee, the quality of coffee finished product begins to drop. In addition, to raise yield, linsang is closed in basket to be fed forcibly feed coffee beans, this and fourth gold want to protect an enviro

nment and not be the original intention appearance that creates harm to the animal be contrary to. Then Ding Jin considers to begin to consider other animal to whether suit to produce this kind of coffee. Discover in him the drought in southeast Asia is seasonal, elephant also can choose to be with coffee sometimes after feeding, he chooses elephant to serve as manufacturing target, and with place the charitable organization of elephant of a deliverance cooperates, begin to resemble the production of excrement coffee.

But whole process wants difficulty mediumly than the imagination much. Ding Jin says, I think the meeting is very simple, use a coffee beans to pluck only, feed it to elephant, resembled excrement coffee wonderfully to come out next. But the result that experiments for the first time is too bad really, that coffee cannot issue pharynx simply. I spent time of 9 years to just finish those who resemble excrement coffee to make. His explanation says, the action that the action of elephant enteron follows boiler of a Bao is same, coffee beans undertakes digestive together with other edibles in elephant enteron. After the assimilation that is as long as 17 hours in the course, digest enzymatic with respect to the acrid purify coffee beans. But elephant is met when bathing in the river defecate, he is met little a lot of coffee beanses.

The yield of coffee elephantine excrement is very low. Produce a kilogram of coffee, elephant must eat next about 33 kilograms coffee beanses. Of this kind of coffee rare the trademark that modelled it is well-known degree. 2015, black ivory coffee harvested 150 kilograms coffee elephantine excrement, every kilograms of price 1217 pound (add up to 11683 RMBs) about, simple cup price also is 8.5 pound (add up to 81.6 RMBs) about. Nevertheless, day price coffee still got of consumer chase after hold in both hands, they are willing to spend high price to come have a taste of what is just in season. Coffee elephantine excrement is in only now the Asia that gives priority to with Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong sells in costly hotel, very quick nevertheless meeting appears in world of Paris, Su Li, Copenhagen and Muscovite high-grade place.

However, no matter undertake what kind of conduct propaganda, resemble excrement coffee and did not get all coffee fan reputably, the graph of handkerchief of merchant A happy plum of Parisian coffee hall is strapped (Aleaume Paturle) expresses, as more as the fame of excrement coffee ground is to come from the unique flavor that at commercial conduct propaganda and brand effect is not it

. He says, coffee elephantine excrement has originality very much, but this is not the coffee with best sales volume. Want to do best coffee to must want to control barmy process, but if undertaking in animal enteron when barmy process, should control ferment strength is more difficult. Although evaluation of olfactory of coffee of customer target excrement has a difference, but undeniable, this originality drew a lot of people, what this will enlarge it is famous degree, increase sales volume. Tourist of a Germany is sampling evaluate after coffee elephantine excrement: This flavor is very unique, I can taste those who give caramel and chocolate to mix flavour, also did not suffer from.

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