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Did Japan go sightseeing 2015 white paper: ? Complain why Mian of cough of  of discharge of cover of bud of engrave  health Mu?

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rseas Chinese on June 9, on June 9, japanese government decided on ministerial meeting 2015 the sightseeing white paper of edition. White paper emphasizes, the viatic expenditure quickness such as the shopping fee that the foreigner that visit day pays and accommodation cost expands, brought the influence of certain lev

el to Japanese economy. On the other hand, white paper also points out, it is setting with mediating crude oil rises in price on consumption tax rate, japanese home journey is narrowing.

According to information of Japanese newsletter company, 2014, expenditure of journey of the foreigner that visit day relatively increase on one year 43.1% , obtain 2 sign 27.8 billion yen (add up to) of one hundred and one billion one hundred and eighty-seven million yuan of RMBs about. About main reason, white paper listed income of Asian each country to increase, japanese product quality is good, yen devalues to avoid tax system to wait with augment. Visit meridian compatriots in order to shop to increase for the purpose especially, 27.5% what Chinese journey expenditure holds consumptive total.

On the other hand, frequency of journey of home of Japanese average per capita relatively on one year photograph comparing decreases 7.2% , it is 1.3 times. Accommodation is counted relatively decrease on one year 5.8% , for 2.1 constellation. Be in east the stricken be hit by a natural adversity area of Japanese earth shake, the lodge person of two counties counts island of Qiu Tian, blessing relatively decrease considerably before the earthquake.


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